Sierra Lynn

Sierra Lynn is an old soul with a thousand dreams. 

She is an adventurer at heart and hopes to one day travel the world with her best friend, her dog Silver. 

She writes the world around her too cope with the way the world revolves. 

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Joking About Your Mental Health Is Probably a Good Thing
6 months ago
“Coming to a theater near you: My crippling depression, one girls story about being alone and eating all day.” “Current relationship status: craving death.” “Depressed, yeah." Anxious, always." "Yee h...
Having Depression Means Self-Care Is a Must
9 months ago
It’s been said over and over, “take care of yourself.” Most of us hear it almost on the daily. The statement is true however, for everyone—but for people with mental health disorders, “take care of yo...
An Open Letter to 13-Year-Old Me
9 months ago
Dear Sierra, It’s almost 2019 now. Can you believe you made it this far? You thought you’d be dead by now. You thought you wouldn’t make it to the age of 18, so on your 18th birthday you cried, they w...
I Have Bipolar Disorder, This Is Why I'm Unashamed
a year ago
Mental health has long been a factor in many peoples lives, but it has long been ignored. It isn't uncommon to hear someone say their diagnosis now a days. You can hear people from all around the worl...