Sonee M.

This seems like a cool place to vent and show my fans I have a personality outside of instagram... and even outside of my music.

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Anxiety and Friendship
6 months ago
Lately I've felt anxiety, everyday, after every little thing I do (my coffee drinking habits definitely don't help), and most of the time nothing happens to trigger it. It completely comes out of nowh...
Anxiety and the Music Industry
7 months ago
I'm not getting booked for any shows... but everyone around me is playing out every weekend. My songs aren't getting any new streams, but I watch as artists around me easily pass the "1000" mark on Sp...
Hi, I'm Crazy and I Want to Be a Musician
7 months ago
I'm going to start by going deep... back when I was 15, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Hi, I'm Sonee and I'm crazy. Now, I can feel someone reading this article getting offended at my use of t...