Stacey Gividen

A stay at home Mommy with three energetic young kids including one who has ADHD. I love to do crafts, read blogs in whatever spare time I can muster! Have a Bachelor's in communication and advertising, then married my supportive husband.

My Inner OCD Battle
10 months ago
It's Saturday 4pm and my husband isn’t off until 6 or even later plus he has to drive home. Oh joys! On a rainy day like today, my two energized kids can’t go outside and have already watched two movi...
Put Your Shoes In The Washer Now!
10 months ago
“Throw your shoes and backpack into the washer now! But don’t touch them on your sibling or kitchen table!” (Understand that our washer and dryer were in our kitchen then). That was a common sentence ...
Old Lovable Pinky In My Clean Bed
10 months ago
My husband had just left for work not long ago and I was almost to sleep, when I heard a tiny thud to the floor in my daughters’ room. I tiredly reach for my phone only to discover that it is 6:27am a...