talia mason

Author of The Hunted Heir, Azillah (the gifted series), The E Killer, Aynesworthy House and Death Said No. 

I am the mother of 3 daughters and a lupus, epilepsy and PTSD fighter. 

books available at www.amazon.co.uk/Talia-Mason/e/B01LQHH9RW

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When PTSD Develops a Voice of its Own
2 months ago
When I was younger, I had such a great capacity for daydreaming. I would journey in my mind through far off lands, live out complex situations in alternate universes, or simply see the fantastic devel...
How a Snail Saved My Life
5 months ago
Earlier this year, my life hit an all time low when I was first diagnosed with lupus, then PTSD. Then the lupus meds triggered epilepsy, which I was told had probably laid dormant within me for my who...
Living with an Anxiety Disorder
7 months ago
Some Strategies That Helped Me
How Many Children Must Live a Life Like the One I Have Before We Step in and Provide Good Mental Health Care for Our Young?
10 months ago
Anybody that knows me, really knows me, will know of my battle against the demon in my head and the urge to cut, to self harm. Whenever my mental anguish grows so strong that I feel that I am unable t...