Traci Reason

Writer/photographer and Mother of the Year award recipient 20 years running. Former flight attendant and current ex-wife, I'm an expert in failed relationships and how to pick the wrong guy. Competitive Scrabble champ & cheesecake baker   

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Riding the Coattails of Happiness
6 months ago
Do you ever have one of those happy moments that are really, really good? You just want to linger there in that sacred moment for the rest of your numbered days? No? Yeah... me neither... kidding! I'm...
Sewer Slide
6 months ago
Much like Hagrid's aversion to saying Voldemort's name, suicide is a hard word to vocalize for me, like something evil you dare not speak into existence. It's not a word that should be glamorized or r...
6 months ago
Have you ever made a life choice that went south faster than a six second Vine? I'm not talking about eating gas station sushi, or getting a Japanese character tattoo. I'm talking about gambling on ha...