Willa White

Willa White is a 27 year old diagnosed with Bipolar. She has a Masters in Health Psychology, and is what you might call professionally nuts. She's here to destroy stigmas and hand out first person info on what it means to be insane.

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How I Got Diagnosed With Bipolar
20 days ago
The first time I ever saw a counsellor I was 8-years-old. My mother and father had recently gotten divorced and she thought it was a good idea for me to work through whatever hidden and not quite unde...
5 Things Bipolar People Want You To Know
25 days ago
It’s impossible to have any sort of relationship with someone who has bipolar disorder. One minute they’re up; the next minute they’re down. They’re volatile. They are easily triggered, dangerous, and...
The 6 Faces of Bipolar Disorder
a month ago
Admittedly, bipolar disorder can be a pretty confusing disease. Having displayed symptoms since toddlerhood, I still don't understand everything. One of the most important things I have learned about ...
Bipolar, Perseverance, and What You Should Realize
a month ago
The craziest idea I ever had was that someday I would be a famous actress, attending galas and awards ceremonies, collecting swag bags and hanging with the who’s who of Hollywood. I was the star of th...