Yvonne Glasgow

Yvonne is a blogger/writer (IAPWE-certified), self-published author, and poet. She has a Ph.D. in Holistic Life Coaching, is a certified Metaphysics practitioner/ordained, soon to have a D.D. in Spiritual Counseling.  YvonneGlasgow.com.

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How to Recover from a Relationship with a Narcissist
4 months ago
I've had narcissist friends, family members, and a narcissistic husband (now ex-husband). These people can change you and they can be even worse for an empath. There are tons of articles online pointi...
My Life with Anxiety
7 months ago
About 13 years ago I was diagnosed with social anxiety and panic attacks. I was put on meds, talked to someone about my issues, and sent on my way back into the life that was scaring the common sense ...