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Bipolar 2


Bipolar 1 is different from bipolar 2 because bipolar 1 is characterized by mania. Bipolar 2 causes depression. Bipolar 2 also has mania though but is mostly depression-based. High moods never descend to actual mania but bipolar 2s get hypomanic. Hypomania can either be euphoric or manifest as irritability. Mania is a high mood that means sufferers talk too fast, have grandiose thoughts, and spend money too much. Medication helps ease the pain of mania. Medication for rapid cycling bipolar of either type is actually required. You cannot get out of taking your medication for that one.

Mania’s symptoms are plain obvious when one skips a necessary medication in succession. Thoughts fly at super-human speed from one thought to the next. Manic people have exaggerated self-confidence, as well as rapid-fire speech. There is an increased energy, with hyperactive behavior, which makes the sufferer imagine they need less sleep or get less sleep in general. Hypomania leads to erratic and unhealthy behavior. Mania affects a person’s ability to function when they have bipolar 1. Manic people spend money they do not have. This makes some of us have to lock up the credit cards so that we can leave it somewhere safe or give it to a power of attorney if we fear we will overspend.

Risky behaviors lead to unintended consequences such as STDs if the manic person decides to put themselves in risky sexual behaviors. Hypomania can last several days to a few months, only because if a person is not on medication, that sort of mania leaves the person not in control of himself or herself at all. The other side of the bipolar 2 coin is depression that is like clinical depression. Depression causes a down mood, loss of ability to feel pleasure, having low energy as well as not getting too much done. Bipolar ones may have a psychotic episode, which means they lose touch with reality.

Hypomanic people are more upbeat and high strung. They have racing thoughts while having flights of fanciful ideas, which make them talk too much. Hypomanic people do not sleep very well, because they feel they need less sleep. Hypomanic people spend too much, gamble, or do risky things like not telling anybody where they are driving. Hypomanic episodes last four days or more. Some have trouble focusing or concentrating on much of anything aside from the ideas in their head. Hypomanic people gain weight or lose weight without dieting.

Bipolar 2s have suicidal thoughts, or attempted behaviors. There are periods that occur between hypomania and mania featuring anxiety, depressive melancholy, as well as rapid cycling mood shifts between two states. Treatment of bipolar 2 involves prescribing certain types of mood stabilizers, or antipsychotics and antidepressants, which can factor into the cocktail you, will be prescribed. Understanding mania triggers while avoiding them as well as getting exercise can help a bipolar 2 sufferer gain control over the illness along with sticking to a routine since falling out of routine can be what triggers hypomania.

Bipolar 2s have up and down moods filled with depression, hypomania, and risky behavior patterns. Some have trouble finishing tasks, starting many tasks without finishing all of them in one shot. Bipolar 2s get irritable, talking very fast, jumping from topic to topic. Feeling supercharged and getting stuff done one moment, and then sinking to the depths of exhaustion, that causes the sufferer to get more sleep. Medication works by slowing you down, helping you get a good night’s sleep, guaranteed at all times when you focus on taking your medication regularly. This is the only way to get the bipolar beast under control.

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Bipolar 2
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