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Broken-Hearted Girl

Carmen had everything she wanted in life.

Carmen had everything she wanted in life. She had friends, she made good grades, and she also ran track. But soon everything started falling apart. Several months before the big incident, she was in a toxic relationship for three months. This relationship took everything out of her because he put her through a lot. After all the lies, the hurt, and secrets, Carmen couldn't take anymore, it broke her. Even though she was only 14 at the time, it was crazy she had to go through something so young. So after months had passed she had cut ties with her ex and finally she was happy again. Carmen is now starting her freshmen year of high school. Which she was very excited for because she gets to see her friends of several years. She had been friends with three of these girls for ten years but one of the girls for a year in a half. She has always been worried about her closest best friend replacing her. But she never thought it would actually happen. Because her and her closest friend had done everything together, they were like sisters. But when a month and a half passed, Carmen got the thought to distance herself from her close friend. Carmen was expecting her to check on her and ask her what was wrong, but she never did. Instead, she hung out with another girl that was in the group but Carmen wasn't so close with her. Carmen's closest friend and the girl became really close which began to take a toll on her. So Carmen kept going on complaining about the situation to her others friends. But one day during all those text messages Carmen snapped, she started taking all kinds of stuff. She started to become suicidal and depressed. The two friends she was talking to at the time decided to tell her they didn't want to be friends with her anymore. That really broke Carmen because she thought they would at least stick by her but they didn't. Now Carmen was depressed, she stayed in bed all day. The only thoughts she had was suicide and it began to tear her apart. So one day her and her mom visited a doctor. As Carmen was telling the nurse what was happening the nurse was documenting everything to tell the doctor; her and her mom thought the doctor would just give her some anti-depressants and recommend a counselor. But it didn't go that way, while they were waiting the doctor was on the phone with a mental health facility. When the doctor came in, he gave a long speech about how he just didn't feel right in sending Carmen home. As he was talking, Carmen and her mom were crying the whole time. Carmen ended up staying a week at the facility which helped her realize she didn't want to go through this again. As she was in the facility she listened to everyone's stories and now she figured out she wasn't alone. She met really nice people, it felt good to her, she met a stranger who showed her more love than people she knew for years. When Carmen was released she was so happy, she was excited to go back home. But the doctor had her on anti-depressants for 30 days which helped her a lot. Carmen was thinking she has to go back to school and face all of them. She went to school for two days and in the end she ended up homeschooling. Now, Carmen couldn't be any happier. Yes, Carmen does miss dressing up for school. Yes, Carmen does miss some of the teachers. And yes, Carmen does miss her favorite sport, track. But she had to give up all of this to make herself happy. If Carmen is ever upset she prays and uses all of her coping mechanisms. Will Carmen ever go back to a public school, who knows? But if you or anyone you know is feeling depressed or suicidal, please tell someone, I promise there is someone you could talk to. There is someone who is going to help you. I promise you are not alone.

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Broken-Hearted Girl
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