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Understanding depression.

Depression is a sensitive topic about which people usually don't talk.

Depression is an emotion which makes human beings weak, as well as strong. After depression you will never find yourself the same as you were before depression. Depression attacks those people who reckon that life is straightforward. However, living is tough, and most people have failed to comprehend this profound concept. They become weak and vulnerable, which leads them to lose the ability to manage any condition. Hence, depression makes them its victim. Only you can help yourself to fight depression, I am saying this from my personal experience.

One month ago, I was also a victim of depression too, which made my life miserable. I had no reason to live this hard life. Moreover, I was all alone in another country, far away from my family. As a result I had no one to talk to. I wanted to share everything I had in my heart with my family, but I couldn't make myself share anything. This is a common problem of today's generation; that they don't share their feelings and desires with anyone, then these emotions overwhelm a person. This is how we slowly introduce depression in our lives. I managed to break all the walls of depression in 15 days by showing faith that after this hard time, everything is going to be beautiful. With this new belief, everyday I started getting motivate to live my life as I wanted, not as others wanted me to. I didn't share about my depression with anyone, because I thought that nobody would understand my feelings. Furthermore, I had a fear that sharing my feelings could lead me to become a topic of laughter in my society, so I never did. I have seen people taking medicine to fight depression, which is not a good idea. Personally, I think that the only way to make ourselves free from the prison of depression is to believe. This gives us power to get up, and rise above all the negativity of our life. And then you will find a new version of yourself, much stronger, ready to face the ups and downs of life, which can never get you down. 

After belief, the second thing which can assist us to fight depression is love. Mostly young people drag themselves into a pathetic condition in the name of love. But, love is a feeling that motivates us to live this life no matter how difficult is it. Whatever we do in our life is just because of love. Just sit down for a moment, and think why are you going to a job that you don't like, why do you want more time for family and friends? And that is for simple love. Therefore, after these thoughts, it is crystal clear that love is everywhere in our life. It doesn't come from one, but from infinite sources. So, if we lose one source of love, it doesn't mean that our life is finished, we should think about other sources too, because our life is connected to them too. I am in love with my life, and according to me life is made up of my loving ones. I want people to not make others sad because of one person, because there are others who care for us, and don't want to see us in this condition.

I always thought how people get themselves into depression, and then find themselves alone instead of having friends. However, with my personal experience, I realized one thing: that depression provides us with an opportunity to know ourselves better. And to find out how strong we are to handle our emotions, because once we get out from the trap of depression, we are not going to be the same. Some people become more sensitive and weaker, while, on the other hand, some emerge as strong as they never were. About 80 percent of these strong people change the whole world, and help others to fight depression. This totally depends on you. what do you want? You want depression to make you weak, or strong? The decision is yours.

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