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It's not just being sad, its an actual disorder!

     Does anyone really know the meaning of depression? Sure, the definition of depression is a state of being sad or a mood disorder. A mood disorder is described by sadness, not being able to concentrate, decrease in appetite and sleep, feeling hopeless and suicidal. However, no one truly knows what's going on inside their head. Being depressed may mean all of those things, but it doesn't describe what's wrong with the person.

      People may know others with depression, but they are unsure as to why this person is depressed. It can be anything really, everything can be going great and suddenly everything could hit. Everything that was said wrong years ago, everything that was done. Everything comes back to make a person sad. Although, depression could make a person have thoughts about themselves. They might think they are fat, they also feel as if everyone judges them because of their body, even if they are really skinny they still feel as if they are too fat to please everyone. People may think they are ugly and that's why they and single or even insecure in a relationship. Even if the person is very good looking, it's a state of mind for them. Their life may look simple, they could have a girlfriend/boyfriend, live in a great house, good grades in school but they have so much going on inside their heads. 

     Now, there are the people that have it in their heads and for "no reason" (even though they have the disorder which makes them upset), but there are also people who have every reason in the world to be upset and hating themselves. Could be a rough childhood, they could be bullied at school, bad grades, possibly even sexual assault. Everything builds up and makes them want to hide. Because of the depression of anything else, their grades drop and they fail or just barely skim by in school.

     However, once these people seek medical help (not all do), therapists don't really help them get through it. Doctors usually give the patients medication to help them with their depression so they don't have to deal with it. They may start to feel happiness but its not true happiness. All of the medications can make a person not feel, they are not themselves and they still don't know how to deal with the problem. The body will get use to the medication and once this happens the dosage the doctor had given the person will no longer work and will need to be upped.  

     Depression is a medical disorder, not just people feeling bad about themselves. These people can't help it, its the way their mind works. Having people tell them it's all in their head and that nothing is wrong, they shouldn't be harming themselves. Yeah, they shouldn't harm themselves, but its the only way to get out all the thoughts for some people. It's not good, but it becomes an addiction they can't stop. Next time you see a person that has depression, don't just assume they have it all in their head and that it's not real, because all of those thoughts are quite real to them. Maybe they need help and they are just waiting for someone that will care enough.