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Depression Is Real

Love yourself.

Falling Apart

Depression is a powerful thing that hurts a person in so many ways. I hope as the author that this short article will help those who struggle with it on a daily basis just a little better then how you were feeling before.

How you are feeling?

Depression can make a person feel so many things for so many reasons. Personally, I used to cry when my mother would kill flies that were in the house. That's right, pesky house flies that caused havoc and looked disgusting. Though it sounds stupid of me, I was not being stupid and though I did not know it at the time, I was not the one being stupid. It was not stupid to care, it was how I felt, and what someone feels during depression matters, it is not stupid. 

A lot of things can make someone cray in this world, but depression is definitely not one of them. Sure someone may think they are crazy and may act or feel a way that seems to be crazy to them, but depression does not make you crazy. All depression is a chemical imbalance in your brain and an aching in your heart that need attention just like any other medical condition. 

Now whether you are the person that is depressed or a bystander (this is important for the ones you love to know because they see you going through the depression) something you always need to hold near and dear to your heart and soul is that it is NOT your fault. This is a natural occurrence that can be dealt with through treatment, and support.

Are you depressed or just sad?

Sometimes the day just may have you feeling down, or maybe just had a bad day. To keep those feelings from being bottled inside and developing into something worse, sometimes a good way to let it all out before your mind blows is to write it all down! Maybe buy yourself a journal or a diary and write down all those bad thoughts. You do not have to read back over them, that would not be wise, but having them out of your system, and locked away may help a lot.

Another way to help manage your condition would be to maybe put all that negativity energy into your work or schooling! Change all the negativity into a driving force that could help you achieve that new promotion you have always wanted, or maybe get some extra studying in for your college tests so those straight B's turn into straight A's!

Finally, if you do not like writing or do not go to school or work, then maybe it is time for you to find a hobby! Hobbies can help lure your mind away from the negative things that are trying to sneak into your brain and finding something that you genuinely enjoy will help turn that frown upside down!

When the Going Gets Tough

If your depression is deep and the little things do not add up, then it is time to face the facts. Depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain that causes you to lose the chemical that makes you feel happier and more yourself. I myself was quite the skeptic when it came to admitting that medicine might have been the next step in my treatment, but once I realized my depression was just a chemical imbalance, I gave the medicine a shot and it helps me a lot throughout my days and even helps me sleep at night. 

Talking is always going to be hard especially when you are embarrassed of what you are feeling and do not want people to look at you like you are some kind of freak. Well, talking and expressing your feelings to a professional therapist can help not only yourself but your therapist build the correct care plan you need to get to feeling better. 

A final thing a patient should remember is that it is okay to seek for help and accept the support that people are trying to offer you. This is how the healing begins in the first place. Having a team to help you win the battle inside your brain and heart will be the key to getting back to yourself.

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Depression Is Real
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