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Depression Pt. 2

Continuing on About How to Deal with Depression

When you are low, you don’t really want to do anything. You just want to lay in bed and sleep. Truth be told, it is bad for you when you just keep sleeping. I have done it many times in the past. I realized it isn’t good. Every time I woke up I would feel even more sleepy than before. When sleeping so much, you won’t eat. Your body does need nutrition. It is important to eat, even if you wake up and eat then fall asleep again. It is still good to eat no matter what happens.

My mother does get depressed a lot. When she does, she sleeps a lot. She has done this over the years, so my sister and I would make food and wake her up; that way she could eat. I know how bad it can become. No matter what, I still love her and always will. She is my mother; life wouldn’t be the same without her. She and my father would fight and she would get really low and just cry. So I started to learn to make her smile. I would just talk to her about random things. It somehow always made her smile. To this day I still do it for her. She still has days when she gets low and depressed. She knows though that I will never leave her. That I am always going to be here for her. Even if some days she and I fight, I still love her.

Having someone who is there for you when you are low is something everyone needs. If you don’t have anyone, then you can message me. I will help to the best of my abilities. I always believe that a person needs someone. Someone who will listen to them and help. I used to never have a person who would do that for me, so I wrote it out. Writing it out does help. You can create a blog, or even keep a journal. Finding an outlet helps.

I still become low a lot. I get triggered. As life goes on, you will get triggered here and there. Don’t start harming yourself. Just talk to someone or write it out. You can even eat ice cream if that helps. I won’t judge. I will never judge any of you. In the past, I was bullied, so I never had anyone. As I grew, I learned different things to help. Some things never worked. Some did. You have to keep trying. Don’t give up. Promise me and promise yourself to never give up. To keep trying. I know it will get bad at times but just think positive things. For every one unkind thought, think three good ones.

I believe that as you grow up, you will still have those days where you get depressed. I think we all have those days. You can be the happiest person ever, I still believe you will have at least one day where you are low. Everyone just needs a mental health day to let out all the sadness. Just please don’t physically harm yourself. Don’t mark your body. You are healing, slowly but surely, not giving up and keeping on going. Prove that you are healing. To heal fully, you need time. It doesn’t happen overnight. Life will have bad days but think positive things and keep going. I still try my best. I know I am not healed fully, but I know I am healing. Even though it is slow, I have been better than I was two years ago.

I hope you all have a wonderful day/night. I am here for you if you need me.

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Depression Pt. 2
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