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First Hand Tips for Teen Depression and Anxiety

Just a Little Motivation for My Fellow Youth Generation— Everything is Gonna Be Okay

When you are hurting and are sad the last thing you want to hear is someone label you mentally ill. Ever feel uptight, on edge,  paranoid, or maybe think you are not important enough? You are not alone. Being a teen and dealing with depression and anxiety is sadly almost the norm for most American teenagers. 20 percent of American teens will be depressed before reaching adult hood. Social media has a huge impact and affects teens body image, self image, and has teens comparing themselves to others. 

I am writing this article because it makes me sad seeing all these beautiful unique people feel like they are not enough. This is including myself. It took me some time but I can say I am fighting off the depression and anxiety and am making progress daily. Now, everyday, I used to struggle with trying to feel happy and content about who I am as an individual. I would get too in my head about social encounters wondering if I was saying the right things as well as what the other person thought of me. 

A few tips that helped me progress and feel better was grounding myself during anxiety attacks. I stopped comparing myself to others and really focused on self care and learning to love myself. Grounding is a way to ease yourself out of using your head and overthinking during an anxiety attack. Look around you, find five objects that you see and five objects you can smell. Take deep breaths and try to calm yourself down. 

Never compare yourself to anyone else. You are unique special and everyone, including you, have their own path and purpose. For some it will take longer than others to find their purpose and who they are and that is okay! You are young, and filled with spirit and potential! Learning to love yourself comes with hanging out with the right crowd and surround yourself with a good community. Find friends who will be happy for you! Don't hang around jealous and envious individuals who only want to see you down.

Finally, remember to love yourself and look at every day as a new opportunity to change and work towards something you have always wanted to do. It all starts with self care and everything from there will come with loving yourself. Sometimes it wont be easy but I believe in you and remember you are not your social anxiety, depression, and paranoia!


Brygos Sharp

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First Hand Tips for Teen Depression and Anxiety
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