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Fuck Heroin

True story.

 My sister and I use to be so close. When she got pregnant with her oldest child I was there for her whenever she needed anything. Little did I know that ment raising her daughter. She was a teenager. Into drugs, smoking marijuana popping pills. 

 She started seeing another guy who I thought was cool. Until we found out she started pooping pills again and doing Heroin. Then we found out she was doing it while pregnant with her second child. She got sent away to get help. Little did we know it didn’t help. Her baby was born while she was getting help. She was early. The doctors said she may have long term problems. 

That little girl was also raised by me. She started to learn things but not as fast as she should have. She’s happy and healthy. When my sister got out she claimed to be clean. She said she’d stopped doing all those things for the sake of her children. Her girls are 4 years old and 1 year old. 

But then again she started right back up on drugs. She almost lost her life 3 times you’d think she would have learned her lesson. Like I have kids and I should put them first. I should be taking care of them not making my little sister do it. She didn’t learn anything. 

The man she was with got into some serious shit and drug her into it with him so they both did their nails time. They got out and continued to see each other but tried telling us they weren’t. Until she got caught. Welp that shit he drug her into bit her in the ass. While he was in jail she got pregnant. With her ex boyfriend. Who use to be friends with her baby dad. 

She started doing drugs again. She got sent to jail while pregnant, because of the drugs. She gave birth to her son at the hospital 5 weeks early. The doctors thought he had so much wrong with him. He was so small he wasn’t gaining weight. They thought he had some type of cancer. So they sent him to children’s hospital. Where the tests came back normal. 

Now my sister is 118 days clean and still going. She’s got a job. She’s trying to get her life back together. With a little support from family and friends you can over come addiction. Talk to someone. Get help. Don’t lose your life over this terrible drug. 

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Fuck Heroin
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