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How My Claircognizance Makes Me Crazy

And Other Stories About Psychic Ability

Claircognizance is defined as “clear knowing,” which I have in abundance. It is a sixth sense, which is helping my five physical senses of sight, touch, smell, hearing, and taste. I have normal senses and I have metaphysical senses. When something randomly pops into my head, like a Scrabble word when I’m playing, this is using my claircognizance. When I suddenly know something about what mental health diagnosis a person has, this is also my claircognizance. There are many ways I access this faculty. Claircognizance is something that can get me the right answer in class as well, often when it filters through from trance channeling the reading material.

Just knowing something can come from manifesting a thought about it, like pinpointing other people’s mental health, which I plan on doing a lot as a traditional Western medicine psychiatrist. Information really does feel like it just pops into your head as knowledge, or a download perhaps. It feels awkward since you rarely have the opportunity to back an insight with facts. In real life, facts are required to back up the law, in particular if you work in criminal justice. Getting sudden, highly perceptive insights about other people is part of the deal. I figure people out instantly like this.

A fully-formed concept, brief thought or insight, or an intellectual idea comes to you through your thought processes. Claircognizance can help scientists, for example, when they are analyzing data and trying to come up with a correlation or a fact that backs up their original hypothesis. Claircognizance can come from the universe, the Akashic records or the universe itself. Thoughts exist in a library or a cesspool of seething, pulsating bits of information, kind of like a megabyte or a kilobyte if you look at it in computer terms.

Anybody with claircognizance and a brain can access randomly the thoughts they need. Claircognizance downloads through the crown chakra, a chakra which is directly linked to the organ of the brain, as it is on top of your head. Another note on the Akashic records is that it can contain information from the entire human experience or for that matter, the experience of people from other planets. Claircognizants are into analysis of data. As a scientist, this ability is useful to me and I will eventually learn how to utilize it. For now, it just serves to annoy me by battering me with crystal clear insights about so-and-so’s mental health problems.

I can also finish other people’s sentences sometimes. As in, while in the middle of a conversation, I can brusquely finish people’s sentences. It is a skill I have allowed to remain dormant but I would like to exercise it more this year, just to scare mean people or those who wish to exploit me in general. I also want to use it on my friends just to be weird. I don’t get specific locations, massive events, odd situations, or just plain weird people yet, but it would be useful to use as a private investigator, although I cannot write down how I got information at random if it just came to me since anybody who is a law enforcement officer must deal with facts, statistics, data, and real objects not metaphysical nonsense like claircognizance. As far as knowing if people are lying to me, I can totally tell when somebody is lying to me. Oh my goodness. I mean, I can hear it in their voice, or online.

I have some idea on how to work on my claircognizance. I do not have the energy to meditate right now as my emotional equilibrium goes into survival mode, energy geared towards hand-to-mouth, day-to-day, get-to-class-and-go-home when finished. Having massive insight at random is what claircognizance does to me. I mean, I’ll just be in the shower, minding my own business, when a new business idea comes to me out of nowhere. That’s how I get ideas for books too, claircognizance. I have to write them down or they disappear. My t-shirt ideas also just randomly pop into my head as I’m thinking about something funny. 

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How My Claircognizance Makes Me Crazy
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