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How to Manage Your Anxiety?

What is anxiety and how to deal with it?

Too many people experience the physical and mental symptoms of anxiety daily. Whether you have an anxiety disorder, it is important to learn how to handle panic. Here are 10 ways to help you live with the unpleasant feelings of anxiety!


Sometimes, it is very difficult to find the right words on your emotional situation in a moment of panic. However, it is very helpful to write your emotions to make your mind empty. It is also an effective way to discover and rationalize the situation.

The Race

Physical activity is a great way to restore an emotional balance. The race is also an activity that allows us to find ourselves and to take time to think. It also helps us sleep better since this sport requires a good amount of energy.

Lists of Goals

Anxiety can be associated with an overflow of events. So It is very important to set realistic goals to manage your lifestyle. You can create a set and clear your head by writing a short list of goals, for each day of your week.

The Theory of Mindfulness

The mindfulness described as the process of attention to the present moment. This is a theory widely used in psychology to cut anxiety and depression. The principle is simple; it is a matter of taking a few moments to become aware of how the sensations reflected on our physical and mental. Through this practice, you can become aware of your poor perceptions and the mental processes that reach you, and then you can detach from them.

The Introduction of a Routine

Having a better idea of your schedule allow you to alert to what is more important. In addition, a routine allows our body to prepare for sleep, which is often difficult for an anxious person.

The Music

A list of songs that remind you of happy times can make it easier for you to go through a panic attack. It is important to choose to motivate songs. Those that detach us from sad thoughts or stressful feelings. This can be music that you listen with your friends or even the songs you listened to during your last trip.

Decrease the Coffee

I know it is very difficult (I am a caffeine maniac) but it is really helpful advice. Try to drink water instead of a second or third cup of coffee. On the other hand, coffee stimulates your brain and prevents you from falling asleep when you need to be active. I can recommend you also replace coffee with black tea and herbal teas, which have soothing properties. In particular chamomile and Valerian.

The Exercise of Fundamental Knowledge

In case of a panic attack, this practice will allow you to focus on something else. You simply have to find five things you see, four touches, three things to hear, two things to feel, and one to taste. At the end of the exercise, your thoughts will direct your attention somewhere else and the panic will slowly fade away.

Turn off Your Phone

You cut off any interaction with the outside world by turning off his phone. A phone can be a major source of stress. In this way, you can find time for yourself, for studying or taking a bath or simply for watching your favorite serials or movies. You have to stop being in constant contact with a source of stress.


It is simple, practical, and effective to bring order to your business and your minds. A clean environment also promotes relaxation!

Do not forget to breathe well and be aware that anxiety is not dangerous. You need to find a balance and learn to control your emotions. I am sure that you can do it!

About the Author:

My name is Thomas and I have worked for 7 years as a PhD writer. My specialization is Psychologic and Art. Writing is my passion and I enjoy writing useful and interesting stories. When I was a student, I really liked coursework writing and I helped the many students with it. I start to write when I was sixteen. Firstly, it was poetry and stories for a soul, but now it's become my work and I can tell you that your workday is perfect if you like what you do.

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How to Manage Your Anxiety?
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