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How To STOP Depression!

Tackle Depression Naturally :) <3

I went through a severe depressed stage in my life, I would't eat, I had no motivation in life, I felt worthless, useless, like I was good for nothing, and I truly thought I had no talent, I felt like this is how it was always going to be, that I'd never find true happiness. 

Honestly, tablets are not the answer, no depression, anxiety, sleeping pill is going to get rid of what you have, it will help... but temporarily, believe me I have tried it all! It wasn't easy for me to get out of it, it never is for anybody, but I slowly started to have faith in myself, I stopped relying on others for my happiness, that is when I started to notice a change, I felt a bit happier.

There was a lot of barriers, e.g financial difficulties, family stress, and other things that knocked me back. What to understand is that, yes there are things going on, you've got so much difficulties and problems going on, but what problem really lasts forever? Not many! right? This was also one of the things which helped, understanding that no problem is going to last forever. Whatever is happening right now, in the next 2-3 years I probably won't even remember it, because eventually your problems do get sorted out. But of course, to fix your problems, you have to face them! 

Facing problems is of course, slightly harder when you're in a depressed state, but how to think is... your problem isn't going to go away if you don't do anything about it right? So you have to just give yourself that slight push and say, I'm going to get up, I'm going to sort this out and then hey, I'll never have to worry about it again. Don't think about where you are now, think about that feeling you'll get when you've finally dealt with it, that feeling of happiness and relief—AIM FOR THAT. <3

A lot of people say, to help depression you should spend time with positive people, people who will push you to good, people who are happy, people you love and care about—and of course this will always help, if you can, you should push yourself to do this and spend the time with the people who can help you get your mind of things, but I understand that not everybody has this option, I often felt stuck and trapped alone, like I had nobody to speak to or nobody to really understand my feelings... this is where you have to kind of compromise with yourself. Try and listen to happy music, enjoy your own company, keep your mind occupied on whatever it is you love doing, if you like to read, then find a happy book which you'll enjoy, you like sports? Go to the park, have a kick about! You like food? Learn to cook, make something you like! Whatever floats your goat! But believe in yourself, I believe in you. <3

I can understand, when feeling so low, anxious, and teary... you want to get your mind away from it in the easiest way possible, which can lead many people to start drinking or taking drugs, these types of things unfortunately can make you feel more depressed in the long run and can also effect your health... maybe if it's becoming a habit you could try attending a support group, you could go to your local doctor and see if there are any available in the area or even search online if you may want to go a bit out of the area. When I was depressed I started to smoke a lot of marijuana, I truly thought it was helping me for a really long time, but what I failed to notice is how lazy I had become, how I had achieved nothing in the time I'd been smoking and how I was agitated and angry if I didn't smoke any... once I realised this I understood that it was not helping me at all... and of course it was not easy to stop, but what I did was I detached myself from the people I would smoke with and did not allow myself to be in their company, this really made it a lot easier to stop.

What also helped me, was when I started to attend college, having a routine helped me a lot. It helped with my sleeping pattern, my eating pattern and made me feel like I was reaching for something in life, which made me feel good. Even if it's volunteer work or just doing something around the house, try to keep yourself busy and eat and sleep at certain times everyday, this will help you to start eating more and not sleep during the day. Of course, if you are working, you should make sure you are sleeping during the night and eating at suitable times, otherwise this could make you very tired and drowsy which increases depression. The best thing to do is try to make a timetable for your eating and sleeping which can fit your current lifestyle. :-) It's honestly these small things which help so much, you just have to really try hard to remain positive and have faith you know. :) 

One thing I taught myself was to not get all angry and upset when I made a mistake, I often used to make a lot of mistakes and disliked myself for it very much, feeling like a failure and that I'm not good enough, that I'm good for nothing and I should give up. But what to learn and understand is that you are a human, and every single human on this earth makes mistakes, and when you do... it is NOT because you are a failure, it's NOT because you are useless, and it's NOT because you're good for nothing, it IS because you are human, and that is okay! When these mistakes happen, just tell yourself, okay that is fine, I'm only human, I will learn from this and that is awesome because at least I'm learning, hooray! Feel confident in yourself, give yourself positive vibes, feel the positive energy within yourself and embrace it, because believe me we all have it... it is just about finding it!

I 100% understand that when you are depressed, it is very hard to do these things, it's hard to get up, it's hard to feel happy, and it's hard to believe in yourself, so sometimes it's good to take it step by step you know? Maybe one day look in the mirror and compliment yourself, or one day go for a long walk and experience the beauty of the world, or one day spend some times with family or friends, go at your own pace, don't race with yourself, and take it easy and always remember you are not alone, so never ever feel alone.


  • Don't take too many tablets 
  • Understand problems don't last forever, fix them you have to face them
  • Aim for your goals, aim for that happiness at the end of the tunnel (IT DOES EXIST, I PROMISE)
  • Be positive, don't turn to drugs/alcohol
  • Make a routine for yourself, especially for sleeping and eating :)
  • Don't dislike yourself, remember everyone makes mistakes x
  • NEVER feel like you're alone, because you're not <3

I have an Instagram page, anx19_

Anybody who feels like they just need somebody to speak to my page is there, I am always here to help you, fight this depression with you and be by your side no matter what... I am here to talk as well as listen :) <3 

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How To STOP Depression!
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