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Jessica Purvis2 minutes ago
What It's Really Like in a Mental Hospital
The media like to portray psychiatric as dark places where only the truly insane dwell. Watch a movie where a character is in a psych hospital and you will most likely see them being given electric sh...
Crazy Unicorn32 minutes ago
It's the words they use to define you that hurt the most; mental, barmy, drama queen, CRAZY! There's that old saying "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me." Well, let me t...
Chloe Piers3 hours ago
Why Do People Self Harm?
Mental illness is a misunderstood and highly stigmatized part of society. With only 1/3 of those with mental illness seeking treatment this is a very real issue. One area of mental illness that causes...
Abbie Suarez3 hours ago
Split Mind, Spilt Mile
4:51.12, that is the time for the last mile my oldest brother, Kapo, would race before his mind began its journey to fragmentation. He was the quintessential blonde boy combined with a resounding tale...
Social Media Vs. Mental Health
It was just a feeling, not even a thought that I was aware of. Just a feeling that started to physically determine itself in long nights that attacked my ability to sleep and relax. With each turn of ...
Nancy D4 hours ago
5 Ways to Cope with PTSD
It’s been three years now since something happened, something so bad that it gave me PTSD. Three years later, and I’m doing okay these days. I haven’t forgotten what has happened, but I seem to be for...
+ depressiona day ago
Obesity + Depression
I'll have my cake and eat it too...or else, I'll kill myself.
A Day in the Life of Recovery
It’s been a little over a year since I was in rehab for my eating disorder. About five months since I was in my most recent trip to the mental hospital. This morning I woke up to a very loving text fr...
Erin Wiggana day ago
Don’t Call Me Crazy
Being only sixteen years old and having to listen to the continuous lack of empathy due to mental illness is soul destroying. The controversy of mental health is affecting the way we communicate with ...