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Life Changer

I made the choice to stand up for what’s best for me and my family. Something organic that actually works.

Like a majority of society, it seems everyone has experienced anxiety and depression. To me, they’re major illnesses because firsthand, I spent years battling them both along with going through traumatizing life events. I felt like I was constantly being slapped in the face everywhere I turned, and this for sure didn’t help my case or struggle. I could point the finger and blame others for my anxiety and depression, but there comes a point where you realize it’s something going on within yourself, something you need to take care of because nobody else will, and it has to be healed. That’s where I found myself realizing I deserved to be free from these things, and it was going to take me taking the steps to make something happen. I guess I won’t say all of us, but a lot of people have a past, a story, and a reason for why they’re messed up with anxiety and depression. Trust me, I get this, but what I want you to get is that you don’t need to suffer anymore because of it.

I was in a very low point in my life mentally. The person I had invested so much time and love in completely walked all over me and then out of my life without a second thought about it. I had just went through a miscarriage with said person, and it just all put me over the edge. I laid in bed for days, I stopped answering friends, I didn’t want to see people, and I completely just wanted to shut the world out. My anxiety was so bad, to the point I barely had any nails left, my skin was breaking out to the point I hated looking in the mirror everyday (which just added to my depression), and I couldn’t function even trying to associate with the outside world. I was ready to die, and that’s when I knew I needed to do something because I have a beautiful son who needs me here. I made doctors appointments to only get cold feet and not show up. Why? Because I have been on medication; it only seemed to make things worse. I didn’t want to become reliant on a prescription drug for the rest of my life.

As I am going through all of this, I followed this girl who sold CBD. I had watched her for awhile, watched how it changed her family for the better, and saw the true passion in why she believed in it. I did some praying and just went for it. Y’all, I have nails now! This might sound crazy to be excited about, but when I tell you my anxiety was so bad off, it showed when you looked at my hands. I now get up everyday with a smile, the ex that didn’t treat me right isn’t on my mind constantly, I have overcome hardship and loss without allowing it to consume me anymore, and I am free from the anxiety and depression that held me down for so long. Not only that, but I no longer have psoriasis and my son isn’t battling his ADHD anymore. Things changed in my life when I took this leap that I never even expected would change or be helped. I feel like myself again. I feel like I found the girl I was before anxiety and depression, and it’s been over a decade not knowing that girl. I feel like I am finally able to be the mother I know I can be—not the one constantly crying, sad, worried, always at a breaking point, and moody as all get out. Not only me, but my son doesn’t have to battle his school days anymore; I’m no longer getting calls about his behavior, no parent teacher conferences, and he is thriving better than ever.

I am so grateful for CBD, and I hope my story will inspire others to do your research and then take the leap on trying this out. The worst that could happen is absolutely nothing. I don’t want you to just watch my story, wishing this could be your success story. Make your own success story, inspire others, and be the light in someone’s life that needs hope just like I needed.

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Life Changer
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