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Living with Self-Doubt

How to Live with Self-Doubt

Photo by Niklas Hamann on Unsplash

There is something more crippling then our political war going on, and it is sitting in our homes. It is that little bubble of self-doubt. It creeps in when we least expect it and it latches on like a leech. You can be the most confident person in the world, and yet, self-doubt can break down every wall you have ever built. This is something every individual deals with at one point in their life, and it is time we start talking about it. Whether it is your looks, your brains, or your abilities to perform a specific task, self-doubt can kill all the good we created.

I live with self-doubt. It has become a regular roommate in an already crowded house. On my greatest of days, it will pop its head out to prove to me that I'm not all that high and mighty. While it can humble me, I don't need any more humbleness in my life. One of the significant self-doubts that I have been feeling is my ability to turn my passion into a career that pays the bills. I'll put my heart and sweat into a project, only to see others doing so much better with so much less. This moment triggers a depression that can be extremely difficult to get rid of in my head.

If you live with self-doubt, you are not alone. It isn't an enjoyable experience and it can stop us from moving forward. I'm here to tell you: You are your worst enemy. I'm fortunate enough to have a support team behind me to help me back up, but so many people don't have this. I want to be that for you. We can pull each other back up, patch up the scratches, and start a new day.

This piece isn't going to be a long article detailing how I succeeded or how to get out of this. I can't write that because I am still working through it. Every day is a new marathon that I refuse to give up on (and you shouldn't either). The reason I am writing this is to let you know, no matter how you see yourself, you are your harshest critic. Don't let your own opinions and views halt you from being your fabulous self. Do you know what I say to self-doubt? I am better than you, and I'll prove it.

If you are going through a low phase of life, I urge you to reach out. It can be to a family member, a friend, a professional, or to me. Sometimes our head gets so fogged up with negative thoughts that we forget the real reason we started something. All of us are incredible creatures capable of so much in this world, if only we put our minds to it. You are not alone.

When I am feeling miserable and think of quitting I remember why I first started. I also tell myself (even if I don't believe it at the time) that all my hard work will pay off. The endless nights and head colds that I gave myself to create this passion of mine was not for vain. Even if the ending is not what I envisioned it to be, I am still doing what I love and feeling great about it. That is the best you can ask for yourself. While money is excellent and that end goal is a marvelous dream, you have to appreciate the journey.

So whether you are creating healthier habits or jumping out on that ledge of dreams, remember to enjoy yourself. If you are giving it your best then you can know you are doing great. If you can't see that, work through it. Some of the best projects I created came from real hardships. Sometimes you have to take things by the second to achieve them. All that should matter is that you are healthy, happy, and doing what you love. The rest will fall into place. Don't let self-doubt win. It doesn't deserve that victory.

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Living with Self-Doubt
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