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Metaphysical Brain Surgery

The new age of mental health.

Mental health. Something that is getting more and more attention in society. It’s a broad word to encompass our thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and behaviors in relation to ourselves, and others around us. It is something that we can not rid ourself of and must be regulated to live efficient, productive lives. And it's time we really see the value in exploring our minds and how we evolve as a collective society. As a clinician who has a background in social work, I have had amazing opportunities to see what the negative impacts of a dysfunctional mental state can do to ones health and impact the world in which they create. I have a background working in the foster care system in varying roles and even as a therapist in a locked psychiatric hospital. I have heard and seen things that many will only witness on TV. It is because of my experiences that I came to the realization that we need to change the way we look at mental health, and how we treat it.

Most of us in the mental health profession were taught how to treat mental health by putting on band aids called medications. I’m not going to get all political here and talk about big pharma, but I have seen more negative effects of medication than positive ones. I believe what is missing in post graduate education is the clear understanding on how energy, spirituality, and metaphysics plays such a vital part in our lives. After all, we are HUMAN BEINGS. Those two words cannot be separated. We are having a human experience and a spiritual one at the same time. This awareness will greatly help in understanding our mental health, and how to best treat symptoms.

This is where metaphysical brain surgery comes in. It allows the clinician to provide the tools to help the patient open up their own brain (mind) so they can heal the parts of themselves that cannot be seen or touched but only FELT. Being able to understand that the role of what we call “negative” energy, or bad vibes, is key to understanding how we manage our daily lives and make decisions. For most of us as children we were raised by parents who were not conscious and aware themselves. So when we experienced unpleasant situations such as our parents not meeting our emotional, or physical needs we had no clue as to how to displace, or transmute the energy field attached with the emotions. So what did we all do?? Bury them deep in our psyche. Push them aside and forget about it, not realizing it doesn’t go away but is stored in the cells of our body… becoming a cancer. Negative energy is only meant to make you feel unpleasant so that you STOP, and become the awareness. We are supposed to observe, explore, and question why we feel that way in order to take notes so we never experience it again! Think about it, do you really think life was meant for you feel depressed and anxious all the time? No way! But we have normalized these symptoms and failed to see that it’s a result of energy we never released and healed from. 

By carefully opening up your mind and going back in the past, you will uncover the situations that occurred in childhood and our young adult years has shaped the way we process and perceive life. The negative energy has taken on a life of its own and we have become addicted to it. Start paying attention. We live in a world of complaints and comparisons. Never fulfilled and being conditioned to believe that life is meant to be a struggle. This is all due to a world addicted to negative outcomes and needing to be fueled by negativity in order to thrive. It may seem counterintuitive to what most of us really want to experience but we need to become aware and release ourselves from the negative energy. This is why a shift in mental health needs to take place. We need to start educating ourselves and understanding that energy and the mind go hand in hand. We must learn to transmute and release bad feelings/emotions. And lastly, we must recognize that we are addicted to negative energy. I believe this will help patients feel empowered and really have tools that can create healing. Times are changing. We are “waking up” as a collective and with that, new ways of handling our concept of the mind and how it can heal itself needs to be understood. The more we understand our “being” is connected to the “human,” the better off we will be as a whole.

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Metaphysical Brain Surgery
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