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Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy

Illness Induced by Caregivers

Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSBP) refers to the deliberate cause of illness to a child, inflicted by a caretaker. Munchausen by proxy is a real illness, but rare in some ways. It simply means that the caretaker wants to make their victim ill so that they can be the big and only hero. Forcing somebody to take too much insulin in order to make them pass out is one of the ways this illness can manifest. Munchausen by proxy usually starts affecting the caregiver, the mother, or perhaps the father if the father is prone to believe the mother’s exaggerations, such as the need both parents have for collusion.

The mother has the ability to deliberately play with their child’s mental and physical health. Munchausen by proxy sufferers do not want money, just attention for a child’s or victim’s fake illness. Munchausen by proxy sufferers enjoy lying about symptoms because they want to. The bottom line is that they like to lie, to make things up, and to make people sick on purpose. They like working on false test results, as well as inducing poison, suffocation, starvation, or causing infection. Some Munchausen by proxy practitioners can also be health care professionals, give or take how well this sort of nurse hides it. (

Munchausen by proxy survivors have an ill-conceived notion that they are the heroes of the story. They act overly concerned with the staff and also get friendly with nurses and doctors. This is because they are busy milking the hospital staff or the doctor’s office for every last shred of attention they can get for themselves. Munchausen by proxy sufferers put their child victim in the hospital often and for different reasons, or perhaps by chance the child really does have a real disability.

The way to spot somebody with Munchausen by proxy is to see if the condition the mother babbles about is accurate or not with the test results. Some Munchausen by proxy mothers do things to tamper with lab results. A person with Munchausen by proxy is very dangerous if they lack the ability to have insight into their own behavior. Combine lack of insight with this tendency, and you have quite a situation when a patient has these mental health symptoms, or a need to lie about their situation to an authority figure. Marital stress can cause a Munchausen by proxy sufferer to be triggered into the illness, to begin with.

Diagnosing Munchausen by proxy is rather hard according to WebMD, due to the lies and dishonesty that run rampant in the mind of a person with MSBP. The sort of team that a Munchausen by proxy situation requires is made up of a social worker, a foster care organization/situation, the police, and doctors. Psychotherapy is the treatment of choice for a Munchausen by proxy sufferer if they want to learn to identify the thoughts and feelings that come with the diagnosis. Munchausen by proxy sufferers can try to continue to abuse their victim in order to increase their number of hospitalizations, or even the chances of the victim’s death altogether. Some children relate getting sick to attention-getting, so they wind up developing Munchausen, which is a separate scenario compared to that by Proxy. Munchausen by proxy is seen as an all around abuser dynamic. There is no way to prevent this disorder as it is. Munchausen by proxy can barely be altered with therapy and medication. The development of this illness is the fault of the perpetrator, not the fault of the victim. Munchausen by proxy does require work to be overcome though.

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Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy
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