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Must Have Apps That Combat Depression and Anxiety

Need something to help you conquer your depression and anxiety? Check out these apps that combat depression and anxiety.

Dealing with depression and anxiety truly is a struggle, especially if you face them everyday. They basically take away your mood, ruin your day, and your productivity to go out there and make positive changes in your life. Numerous people face these mental problems everyday, so you're not alone. And sadly, many of these people cannot find ways to help them defeat the horrible mental conditions; ways to make it easy for them to cope and even conquer their depression and anxiety. But we can give you another way to hopefully guide you in a path without any worries and anxiety.

App creators were generous enough to produce apps that help individuals living with depression and anxiety; apps that can be used everyday to distract the person from their depression and anxiety creeping up behind them. Many of these apps have actually helped thousands of people get over their mental conditions and develop a positive attitude again. If you're in need and tired of searching for solutions, consider installing any of these life changing apps that combat depression and anxiety onto your phone. But if you need much more help than these apps, talk to your doctor about better solutions for you.

Anxiety Reliever: Stress and Anxiety Relief

Feel relaxed again with Anxiety Reliever. This app helps you overcome anxiety and stress that you’ve been building up for a while now. It can also help you fall asleep much faster if you’re having trouble getting a good night’s sleep.

The app is filled with a collection of calming audio recording, super helpful guides, an anxiety tracker, and even breath and supportive messages! The calming sessions are known to guide you away from any stress and anxiety and feel much more relaxed. There are categories such as De-Stress, Anxiety, Sleepy Time, Binaural Sounds, and ASMR. And each session is created to make you feel much calmer and feeling better about yourself. It’s best if you use this app with headphones on to gain the full experience. 

CPT Coach

CPT Coach is among the greatest apps that combat depression and anxiety. It consists of support materials for a complete course of CPT in order to help all patients manage their treatment. Also including betweens session assignments, there’s also readings, PTSD symptom monitoring, and even mobile versions of the CPT worksheets.

However, this app isn’t entirely used as a self-help tool, but you’ll need a professional mental healthcare provider to use the app. If you’re looking more into this great app, talk to your doctor about using this as a solution and the two of you can get started with this.


This app is perfect for relaxing the body when in urgent need of calming down. Breathe2Relax is among the best apps that combats depression and anxiety to install into your phone for relieving any form of stress and anxiety. This portable stress management tool is known to provide solid information about the effects of stress on the body as well as exercises to conquer it—like diaphragmatic breathing. This is one of the best tips on dealing with depression.

Breathing exercises are known to fight stress signals occurring in your body and mind. And with the help of these exercises, it can help stabilize your mood, control your anger, and help anxiety. Catch your breath and use breathing exercising to fight back stress and anxiety with this app.

Happify: for Stress & Worry

Depending on what you're feeling, it can effect your day. Whether you’re anxious, depressed, stressed out, or constantly having negative thoughts, Happify is an amazing app that can control your emotions. Reduce stress, defeat any negative thoughts, and build up a happier mood; hundreds of people use this app daily and mention how much it’s changed their life.

You can get started by choosing a personalized happiness track that’s been created by experts. Then through guided relaxation and mediation, reduce your stress and anxiety. It also allows you to gain insights and track your progress through time. Also, never have a negative thought coming through your mind again with this app, because it can train your brain to filter out any negativity—making this one of the best apps that combat depression and anxiety.


Among the best apps that combat depression and anxiety comes MoodHacker. MoodHacker can completely turn your mood right around from negative to positive. You can plan, track mood-boosting activities, and even rate how you feel every day. Another great solution to defeating depression and anxiety is writing in a journal, and this app provides that.

MoodHacker is mainly based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Positive Psychology that is known to improve mood and even reduce negative thinking through a randomized and controlled clinical trial. Watch your mood increase each day by using this app.

Headspace: Meditation

Meditation is a great form of reducing depression and anxiety, and Headspace is just the app for that. As one of the more helpful apps that combat depression and anxiety, this app can help you achieve and perform your best in life through skills in meditation and mindfulness. Headspace teaches you the necessities when it comes to living a healthier and happier life.

This app provides hundreds of meditations from everything on stress and anxiety to even helping you get better sleep and gain focus. It also guides you into obtaining better relationships with people you love, and even SOS sessions to find a space of pure calm and relaxation while going through a meltdown. 


If your depression and anxiety are controlling your social life, motivation, and life overall, this app can help you defeat the mental conditions and gain a happier lifestyle. MindShift is designed to help teens and young adults cope with horrible anxiety and depression. Instead of avoiding the problem, face it and conquer it.

From the best apps that combat depression and anxiety, MindShift guides you in learning how to stay calm through ways of thinking, and even activities that will give you a hand on controlling your anxiety. There’s also tons of strategies on how to deal with daily anxiety and depression through tools to defeat panic, worry, conflict, social anxiety, and much more. Let MindShift be your health coach and give you a happier life you deserve.


Here’s another mood changer among the useful apps that combat depression and anxiety—MoodKit. MoodKit is designed to improve your mood and even make you an expert. Through daily effective strategies by professional psychology, your life can turn right around and help you through many of the problems you face from anxiety and depression.

Featured in famous newspapers and magazines such as NY Times, LA Times, Harvard Business Review, Discover Magazine, and many more, they state that this is one of the “best mental health apps” in the entire world. It guides you to take action in order to improve your life, rate and chart your mood for progress, develop self-awareness and health attitudes, and more through 200 mood improvement activities, guidance to get rid of distressing thoughts, and other opportunities.

Panic Relief Free

Defeat panic, depression, and anxiety with this amazing app. The app is known to give you instant support whenever you need it—wherever. Created by a Danish psychiatrist and specialist on mental health, Marianne B. Geoffroy, the app features four short cartoons with animations to guide you into coping with your mental state and keeping calm.

This is a great app for coping with anxiety in the midst of any anxious situation. Whether you’re in public transportation, before an exam/interview, in the supermarket, or right at home, this app can be used anywhere. It helps you control your breathing, gives you tools for both visual and mental focus while feeling anxious, and it will keep your mind in control while your body is slowly starting to relax.

Worry Watch

While Worry Watch is the last among the best apps that combat depression and anxiety, it's still an amazing app to use if you're struggling with any of these mental problems. Known to be the best app for anxiety in 2015, 2016, and 2017 by, the app is formed to capture and reflect momentary self-realizations. Through logging ‘what might happen’ perception on day one and track ‘what did happen,' the app will get a better understanding of your anxiety patterns. And acknowledging this will help the app challenge its negative perceptions and change the patterns in a positive way.

It can help you with anxiety, fear, panic attacks, and depression. Through daily quotes, a journal, calendar to track, and much more, the application guides you into getting rid of anxiety and depression.

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Must Have Apps That Combat Depression and Anxiety
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