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My Anxious Life

Living with Anxiety

Nature calms my soul. 

In order to love fully, trust entirely, heal wholly, grow freely, forgive, thrive and move on, I must be vulnerable, be accepting, find understanding, be willing to change, acknowledge and release pain; be open to starting over learn to let go and find peace.—Alex Elle.

Diagnosed with anxiety at 16 years old, my whole world felt like it had been flipped upside down. I could not understand the train wreck of emotions I became overnight. Also being diagnosed with orthostatic hypotension, it was difficult to keep a social life and cope with everything happening. Ultimately, I decided to follow others who had been in a better place than I was at that moment.

We often find ourselves following those who may say they have suffered at some point and made it through; finally finding the “light” at the end of the tunnel. Now it's time to share with the world how good it feels to actually make it happen.

Well, I had given up. I gave up on following the crowd and on those who said they understand my pain. The truth is, they cannot understand me completely and it is nearly impossible to do so. Why may this be, you ask? I believe we may feel and react in different ways towards a similar situation or scenario which can lead to a contrasting understanding.

So, if this is what you need and what you are looking for, I encourage you to stop reading now. Because this person does not exist within me.

Through the ups, downs, the good and the ugly I am here to invite you to be a part of my journey because that is what LIVING WITH ANXIETY IS all about…

I have tried it ALL. From yoga, tea, music, psychologists and psychiatrists. This is without considering my endless days at work, and yes ,I was a workaholic to escape from home. Solitude was never my friend and working in the hospitality industry always kept me distracted. This was followed by nights out at the bar because you know what they say, “Drink until you forget.” To be honest, none of these “solutions” worked for me. Combined, I would say they can help along with other things, such as self-care and most importantly self-love.

If you are reading this and have an interest in mental health or living in a similar situation as me, I invite you to join me in my life journey of living my best version of life with anxiety. I am always a message away as a hand to hold when you are facing borderline panic.


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My Anxious Life
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