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My Steps to Getting Sober!

The Truth

Are you or someone you know trying to get sober? I'm going to give you the straight up truth on how that usually goes down or, well, how it went down for me. I'm laying it down in steps for ya to make it easy to understand. If you are not the one getting sober from alcohol or any type of drug, please take into account that it is very hard to let go of any and all addictions. We want to escape our pain, and this is generally how we do it, so please be patient with us and help any way you can. Also, sometimes, if you're in too deep, you need to seek out additional help, do not be ashamed of that! That is why there are rehab centers available to help, and they want to help you, so if you need to attend one please do so. Without further delay, here are the steps I went through while trying to get sober.

Steps to Getting Sober: The Truth on How I Really Got Sober

Step One: One day you wake up and decide you really don't want to be tied down to your addition anymore. You are sick of living this sad life in which you want to run from all your pain. You are also sick of being broke and always worrying about where your next fix is going to come from. So you decide to try and quit whatever it is you are using.

Step Two: The pain and stress become unbearable and you need your escape so you fall off the wagon. Let's face it being sober is really hard sometimes, when all you know is your addiction.

Step Three: Decide you want to jump back on the wagon and try this again. This is where you seek counseling or maybe even a rehab facility if you feel you need more help then you can give yourself. Again there's no shame in that; everyone needs help sometimes.

Step Four: Fall off the wagon again. This time you are going to be very upset with yourself. You know you are trying so hard but temptation came around and kicked your butt. I know it sucks but keep trying. Pick yourself up off the floor and keep going. You have two options!

  1. Face everything and rise
  2. Forget everything and run

FEAR—how are you going to use it? I hope you face everything and rise. Keep on going to the next step.

Step Five: Realize you really don't want to feel like garbage every day anymore. You want to RISE. Well, that's what I hope for you, I hope you are here and keep going. TRUST me it gets easier every day!

Step Six: Push yourself really hard to get sober, whether that be at home doing it yourself or going to a rehab cause you need help. NO shame there! After a few more days you are noticing it's getting easier to stay away from it.

Step Seven: You have a few more slip-ups, but this time when you have decided to keep getting clean it becomes easier and you have more of a need to be sober, It’s what you really want now. You want a better life for yourself YAY! Keep going!!

Step Eight: Create a new life, move from your current place of residence and start fresh. Find a new group of friends who don't use. Trust me, your old friends who are still using will want you to go use with them again. Not because they don't love you, but because they want to spend time with you and that's all you know together. But only do this if you feel you have a good grip on your addiction. If not it will follow you wherever you go. So when you do go looking for the next step in your life, you are ready for whatever life throws at you.

There you have it, my steps to getting sober and how it happened to me. This is not really a guide to getting sober. It's more the truth on how I got sober and what I went through, in general and overall. Sure there are more things that happened along the way, but this just sums up the truth of how I got clean. It wasn't easy and it won't be easy for you. Unless you are one of the very rare lucky people who can drop their addictions like it never affected you at all. So, in the end, you just have to be willing to try. If you are reading this and you do suffer from being an addict I hope this helps and wish you good luck on your journey.

Thank you for reading!

Take care!

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My Steps to Getting Sober!
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