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S o c i o p a t h s

A Story That Probably Never Crossed Your Mind

Josh Washington in Until Dawn

What is a sociopath? 

By definition, a sociopath is basically a term that describes a person who has ASPD (Anti Social Personality Disorder). Sociopaths aren't able to understand other people's feelings, they tend to break rules, make hasty decisions without feeling guilty for the harm they usually end up causing. (READ MORE

Some of you may be familiar with the game Until Dawn and some of you may not. Anyways, the main character Josh Washington, was described as a funny, caring person, and he was loved by many. He grew up with his parents and two sisters in Burbank, California. Every winter and every summer they would all go on a vacation to their family lodge. As time would pass, and as Josh would grow older he spent less and less time with his father, and he grew closer to his sisters. At age 11, Josh had an unidentified problem at school and was eventually sent to a psychiatrist and was put on anti-depressants. 

Moving on a few years later (late teens), Josh's sister had disappeared at the same lodge his family would go for vacation, except she disappeared while they were there with their friends. He would start self-medicating himself with twice the dosage of anti-depressants. Eventually he stopped taking them which had caused a withdrawal with side effects such as nightmares, hallucinations, paranoia, along with aggressiveness.  

He would deal with the disappearance of his sister in the worst ways. One night, he invited the same friends the night she disappeared for vacation. On this night, Josh came up with a complex scheme to terrify and humiliate the friends that were there on the night his sister disappeared. He went as far as faking his death to freak out his friends even though it had nothing to do with her disappearance. 

He later said that it felt good playing the 'puppet master' and talked about how much he enjoyed it. He had no empathy at all for his friends and mentally tortured them without any regret and guilt. Later on his psychiatric records were documented, that proved he sought a variety of psychiatric help from the years 2006-2015. He showed symptoms of major depressive disorder, and felt isolated from any human contact. 

Josh would terrorize the other teens by setting up fake ghosts, stalking them, make a friend choose between his life and another girl's life, knocked out and tied up two of the other people. After the teens found out that it was in fact Josh terrorizing them, Josh replied by saying, "Revenge is the best medicine." He never showed any guilt for his actions and also recorded everything he did saying they would be internet sensations. 

This story, although being fiction, can show how far someone would go if they have ASPD. A person can be living a normal life one day and go through something traumatizing that changes them forever. Someone you know, hang out with, talk to can show symptoms of ASPD but you won't know it. If you are interested in knowing more about this topic, click the link up there.  ^^^


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S o c i o p a t h s
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