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Alicia Brunskill8 hours ago
Living with Anxiety Long-Term Is Like Living in an Apocalypse
My all-time favourite film is The Terminator. I watched it again on the weekend and it set my mind thinking. Why are all my favourite films/video games on the theme of survival or apocalyptic destruct...
Camilla Rantsen22 days ago
The Ultimate Eating Disorder... Solved by Vampires
I was recently asked what my favorite comic book was when I was growing up. My answer: I didn’t read comic books growing up. They seemed to feature mostly ducks and mice in outfits, which unnerved me ...
Hadley Francesa month ago
It's Not Even About Food
The year after I was born, a book was published. It rose to fame and acclaim in the late nineties and early 2000s, years before my own food demons reared their pretty blond heads. First I had to learn...
Hurdles and Harvard
People with BPD Making a Difference
Lorraine Woiak2 months ago
Men and Mental Health
We often hear stories and statistics about women suffering from mental illnesses. But oftentimes, men are sidelined in this conversation. The stigma around mental health often hurts the chances of peo...
Jakeson Eudela3 months ago
I Had My First Earthquake Experience—It Was a Psychologically Terrifying One
The day was April 22, 2019. It seemed like a normal day for me and my mother. We did the usual kind of stuff such as household chores, playing games on our gadgets, spending time on social media, and ...
TerraGold Plus3 months ago
13 Simple Steps to Reduce Your Daily Anxiety
Anxiety has crept into our daily lives far too often, for far too long. Although this can be attributed to a variety of reasons—overall wellbeing, technology, work—there’s also a number of ways to red...
Jonathan Reed4 months ago
Reality Is Not Real
When the tragic news of Mike Thalassitis’ death was announced, you could hear the collective gasp from the reality-show-watching audiences across the nation. Here was a man, only 26-years-old—attracti...
Ossiana Tepfenhart5 months ago
Equoo Promises to Help People Become More Emotionally Fit. I Gave It a Try—Here’s What Happened
It seems like no matter what you want to do, there’s an app that can help. As a person who has a hard time understanding others, I’ve always felt pretty hopeless about establishing a connection with p...