Staff Picks

Marilen Crump7 months ago
Think Good Thoughts
I remember thinking that I was a pretty positive person and that circumstances just got in the way of the real progress I wanted in my life. Growing up I kept a diary of things that I was dealing with...
Rowan Marley7 months ago
Common Myths About Depression
Depression is currently one of the most widespread mental illnesses in the world, and 6.7 percent of the American population will suffer from depression any given year. One would think that people wou...
Rebecca Sharrock7 months ago
What It's Really Like to Have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is widely heard of and spoken about. Yet it is also one of the most misunderstood disorders at the same time. So many people jokingly describe moments of fussiness ...
Stephen Hamilton7 months ago
Best Movies That Accurately Depict Mental Health
Mental health is one of those things that Hollywood rarely gets right. In fact, Hollywood has rightfully earned a reputation for misleading people about mental illness and the treatments that are used...
Aimee Dillard7 months ago
From Suicidal Thoughts to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue
For the first time in the history of the iconic magazine, Sports Illustrated recently hosted an open casting call for their next big swimsuit model. Women submitted videos on Instagram to enter, and 3...
Nathan Fox7 months ago
Calling Suicide Selfish is Disingenuous
So, Chester Bennington is dead via suicide. He was the lead singer of one of my favorite all-time bands. Chris Cornell was too and, in fact, if Eminem and RHCP went next that would probably be my all-...
Mollie J7 months ago
How Do You Stay Sane Once You Enter Your 20s?
Your 20s – A time in which you are meant to relish in the richness of life whilst experiencing a generous amount of struggle but in a "cool, calm and collected way." A time that sees you make the bigg...
Stephanie Norman7 months ago
Daughter Lost
When I found out I was pregnant with my now 12 year old daughter Hannah I was overjoyed. Her father and I didn't have a lot of money and were concerned about how we would care for her. I also already ...
Callum Penn6 months ago
Mental Illness: A Carer's Perspective
Being affected by mental illness, but not experiencing it. Everyone has mental health, and much like physical health, all of us experience difficulty at some point in our lives. I have experienced per...