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Felecia Burgett4 hours ago
6 Phrases Mentally Ill People Are TIRED of Hearing
It's time to empower the mentally ill, not tear them down.
Sophie Barker12 days ago
Five Things to Try if You Suffer from Anxiety
Anxiety, ladies and gentlemen. It’s ominous, it’s villainous, it’s a waste of perfectly good brain space! We all agree—it can bloody well do one. But how? Now there’s a bee in the bonnet—nobody knows ...
A Guide on Psychosis
Psychosis is a severe mental disorder that causes abnormal thinking patterns.
The 'Troubled' Artist
Through the years, art has had a tendancy to connect itself to mental health. There is a cliche concept of the 'troubled artist.' Hearing of Van Gogh slicing off his own ear, such stories can stick li...
Daniel McCaffreya month ago
Top 10 Things to NOT Do in Rehab
A Handy Guide to Basic Survival, Mental Health Etiquette, and Avoiding Relationship Pitfalls
William H.2 months ago
The Choice(?)
My Personal Encounters with Addiction
Dani Roberts2 months ago
Demi Lovato's Overdose Illustrates the Never-Ending Struggle of Addiction
Demi Lovato's recent overdose hit her millions of fans hard. After six years of sobriety, Lovato revealed in her most recent single, “Sober,” that she relapsed. About a month after, she was hospitaliz...
Chalyn McCarter2 months ago
How Trauma Has Impacted My Life
Wait! Just a minute... You understand, right? How can one cope when past trauma creates lifelong insecurities?
Justin Young3 months ago
ADHD from a Personal Perspective
We all know that ADHD is a mental illness. I certainly know this because I have it. So from a personal perspective I can tell you honestly that having ADHD sucks. Often times when I tell people I have...