The realities of addition; the truth about living under, above and beyond the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Kristyna Warren2 days ago
How many times have you yourself been uncomfortable by the way things are changing? I know for me every couple of months things are going great then, all of a sudden, I’m thrown into chaos. I’m not ta...
Candida Reece6 days ago
Addiction tears you apart. You can almost give it human personality traits. It's so complex and unique to each addict. Like people, the basics are pretty much the same. Humans all have a body of some ...
Jaxx Phoenix12 days ago
This is a song I wrote about my struggle with addiction. I wrote this song before a relapse I had years ago during a horrible spout of depression. It took a lot for me to be able to openly acknowledge how I was feeling at this time without letting it consume me. So, I ended up turning those feelings into a song to better help me cope. It helped me to get those feelings out, and it was almost like exposing them set me free somehow. It's a very hard song to share, to expose myself, but as a recove...
Lee Bowman18 days ago
"I Raised a Junkie"
This is by far the hardest story I have written. As I transfer the words from my notebook to print, I relive in my mind every expression on her face with every word spoken. Reliving the pain, sleeples...
Steven Buriek23 days ago
Double Down: Hands on the Wheel
My clammy hands were on the wheel, forehead plastered to the top. Eyes closed, there was so much pressure, so much guilt. I let an inhuman guttural yell erupt from my mouth that might as well have com...
Maja Zulovica month ago
I’m Sorry
She stood over me, watching my eyes dance and look all over the room except at her. Her arms crossed and her body still. Towering over me, she stood motionless. I felt imprisoned by her eyes. Numb and...
Kyra Scott2 months ago
Finding Yourself in Sobriety
When I came out of treatment I had no idea who I was anymore. That might sound dramatic but thats honestly how I felt. I always knew myself as the “party girl” and thought thats what made people like ...
Phoenixx Fyre Dean2 months ago
It’s time we get real about addiction. I’m not worried about what society tells you that you need to believe. I’m going to tell you the truth about addiction, and I’m qualified to do that because I wa...
Ashley Peterson3 months ago
Making Sense of the Opioid Crisis
Sadly, we've all heard about the opioid crisis far too often on the news, but what does it actually mean? There are several elements of the issue that are worth digging into a little further.
Latrice Jones4 months ago
Breaking the Cycle of Addiction
I first discovered I had an addictive nature at the age of 18. I had recently started a part time job as a lottery sales clerk at our local grocery store. The job within itself was easy enough. My onl...
Jossilynn O'Malley4 months ago
Head in the clouds. That’s how you’d describe me. But the colors of the clouds, no one sees those, the jagged edges hidden behind the soft looks. I’m back here again and again, wanting more than last ...
Ray Bohn4 months ago
The Bowel Movement That Profoundly Changed the Lives of Three Men
I’ll make one agreement with you in tell this disgusting tale of woe. I promise to tell the truth. Every word of it is true. Whether or not I could confirm it lays in the memories of people who didn’t...
Jeffrey Joseph4 months ago
5 Minutes
It was my first day off after a crazy Black Friday weekend at work. I was looking forward to sleeping in and engaging in some enjoyable activities and all around just relax. The day started out good, ...
Fellow Knee4 months ago
Life of an Addict with Paraplegia (Pt. 9)
First I'd like to say happy holidays to all of my readers and a special thank you to those of you that donate to help fund future chapters.
Danielle Dragani4 months ago
Plants vs. Drugs
Autumn was falling again. The leaves were orange-ing and yellow-ing, and they still reminded me of that apartment in Haddonfield, New Jersey. Where all the leaves would clog the drains when the northe...
Deborah Portillo5 months ago
Unspoken Words
Tonight I gazed upon you and saw utter exhaustion. It may have been the guilt. It hurts me to see you this way. Yet no one can talk to you about it, about financial issues, or even hold conversation a...
Fellow Knee5 months ago
Life of an Addict with Paraplegia (Pt. 8)
I want to write a chapter to try to explain why I'm writing these entries. I don't want to glorify drugs in any way. There were times that I had a lot of fun, while I was using. But, once I was diagno...
Fellow Knee5 months ago
Life of an Addict (Pt. 7)
Like I said, my parents knew I was into something. I think my dad was a little wiser to what I was actually doing than my mom was. Or maybe my mom just didn't want to admit that her baby boy was a her...