The realities of addition; the truth about living under, above and beyond the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Jaquelyn Skaggs4 days ago
Battling the Voices
"It's never going to happen to me." I guess I was always one of those people who thought that. I never thought I would become a drug addict. But I did. I never thought I would be homeless. But I was. ...
Mark Ludas6 days ago
Am I Addicted?
We are often unaware of our habits. Getting up three minutes before the alarm goes off, leaving tiny bits of food on our plate at every meal, saying "this is based off of that" instead of "this is bas...
Bryce Richards2 months ago
The Art of Drugs, and Depression
At the age of around four years old, I gained a massive interest in what one could do with a pencil and a piece of blank paper. I would doodle my mind off until I lost myself in my art. I began to imp...
Weston Rundlett2 months ago
The Needle and the Spoon
7:27pm November 14th. Approximately four and a half hours before I turned 18. I was at my own party at my parents' house and looking for a way out. Everyone was telling me how proud they were of me an...
Meg S2 months ago
The "A" Word
It started as soon as I was bored. Every human being is most likely addicted to something during some point of their lives. Whether it be a person, a type of food, a tv show, or of course a substance,...
Heather Mac2 months ago
That Bitch Is Crazy
The Need for Mental Health Resources in Canada
Marissa shook2 months ago
The Right Drugs
When life goes wrong and you can’t seem to do anything right, where do you turn? When you lose a loved one, where do you turn? When you think you are worthless, where do you turn? When that fails, whe...
Mike Mestrovich2 months ago
Becoming a Drug Addict Was the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me
So at seventeen years old, I had been accepted to college, along with an academic scholarship to go along with it. I went to a private high school and I was held to a high standard. If you were to tak...
Michael Thielmann2 months ago
Addiction and Harm Reduction
As someone who has worked in the addiction and mental health field for over ten years, I have made a few key observations that I feel worthy of sharing with as wide an audience as possible. Harm reduc...
Briar Landry2 months ago
Growing up with Addiction
Within our current culture, people often do not realize how alcohol can ruin lives, families, and careers. It is socially acceptable to binge drink to the point of blackout each weekend with friends, ...
Robyn Tee-Zee3 months ago
My Brother Died of An Overdose...His Name Was Matty
My brother died of a heroin overdose. His name was Matty. He was beautiful, he was funny, he was courageous and compassionate, he was talented, he was athletic, he was charming-and he was stolen. My b...
Janelle Ouellet3 months ago
The Devil's Playground
Let me start by saying that I enjoy going to a casino about once a month to play the slot machines. They can be alot of fun. The flashing lights, the spinning images, and awesome graphics can leave yo...
Alyssa Horn3 months ago
My Unseen Recovery
Sometimes we wake up one morning and struggle with comprehending how we got to where we are right now. This is something that happens to me nearly every morning during my morning coffee as I sit at my...
Renner Winston3 months ago
Find Your High
About one in six young adults in America are battling an addiction to a substance. I recently realized that I’d been building my life around several micro-addictions, and that these addictions were ke...
Shamus Roan3 months ago
My Story of Violence
(Disclaimer: Sorry for the length, much was cut before the final version, i hope you see it through.) This is not a world history lesson or even a political narrative, this is a story about something ...
Victoria Sherrod3 months ago
A Memorable Journey
Through life, we go through many stages. Sometimes decisions we make have important influences on our lives, some good, and some bad. To adapt to these situations that happen in our lives, we must be ...
Olivia Scott3 months ago
Chasing the Spoon
I have been dreaming about sharing my story for quite some time now. There have been internal battles on whether or not to share it with the world. I had fear of being judged, ridiculed, laughed at, e...
Pink Martinez3 months ago
Our 1st Encounter
My body was a little shaky, but you approached me so confidently and immediately I was filled with a desire of interest. I had seen you with my friend, although it didn't feel right to be with you aft...