The realities of addition; the truth about living under, above and beyond the influence of drugs and alcohol.

samy costello9 months ago
How I Broke Myself
There are too many people in this world who know the feeling: the nonstop urge, a relentless craving of something to feel right; to feel whole. I know very well the suffering that accompanies a life o...
Lanie Murphy9 months ago
Addiction Has No Face
“You DO know you could be facing a felony heroin charge, right?” I nodded my head, handcuffed to a cold concrete bench as the officer talked to me. How did I end up here? It was December 23rd, 2017, a...
Alyse McDonald9 months ago
Addiction & the Homeless
I recently watched a video on YouTube of a man living in Vancouver BC, which is my home town. Before the man made this video, he believed that homeless people have it easy. They don't pay rent because...
Dagny Desiree9 months ago
My Steps to Getting Sober!
Are you or someone you know trying to get sober? I'm going to give you the straight up truth on how that usually goes down or, well, how it went down for me. I'm laying it down in steps for ya to make...
Dagny Desiree9 months ago
8 Months Free
Free from drowning in alcohol and drugs and the constant need to party with friends. Free from the worry of where my next fix is going to come from. Free from the need to pour whiskey and diet Pepsi i...
SKYLERIZED 10 months ago
Threnody for a Prodigious yet Troubled Hip Hop Artist
Not even a year after the death of Hip Hop artist Gustav Elijah Åhr, better known to the rap world as Lil’ Peep, rapper and producer Malcolm James “Mac Miller” McCormick has died of a drug overdose ju...
Maria Ransom10 months ago
Methadone vs. Suboxone
I am so tired of everybody constantly comparing Methadone vs. Suboxone. Does it really matter? As long as it helps to keep the person off drugs, and saves their life, why does it matter what prescript...
Donna Quigley10 months ago
This is a horror story. This is a story about violence, manipulation, monsters, reality, fear, pain, and love. The horror is only in part on my end, manifesting in the PTSD I suffer. The true tragedy ...
Elspeth Lea Bee10 months ago
The Debt Mindset
Has anyone else had a tempestuous relationship with Mr. Cash? Please say yes. I've isolated myself into believing that I am completely alone, weak, bereft and incompetent. That I’m the only one who ca...
Iria Vasquez-Paez10 months ago
The Causes of Substance Abuse
Most drugs and alcohol use comes from the genes in the first place. There can also be a history of mental illness since the person who has drug and alcohol problems is self-medicating, like I used to ...
Alana Redmonda year ago
New Study: Substance Abuse High Among Healthcare Professionals
It may come as a shock to know that doctors and nurses account for one of the highest rates of addictions in the workforce. A recent study done by Philadelphia Law Firm, Anapol Weiss, analyzed data fr...
William H.a year ago
The Choice(?)
My Personal Encounters with Addiction
Patricia Sarkara year ago
Understanding Addiction in All Its Forms
When the topic of addiction crops up, we know what everybody’s thinking—gambling, drugs, alcohol—all those things that are typically considered as “bad” on a large scale by society. What we do not dis...
Sad Boya year ago
Drug Addiction on Teenagers
ad·dic·tion /əˈdikSH(ə)n/ noun the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity. Hi, I'm 16-years-old. I'm a freshman in college, I graduated high school 2 years e...
S Pa year ago
Addiction: The Straight Facts
There's a really big problem in the world today, bigger than addiction. Can anyone guess what that problem might actually be? It's how people who suffer from addiction are treated by others who aren’t...
Taylor Koploffa year ago
Product Review: That Little Pink Pill
My life coach gave me a simple writing task a few weeks ago. I was asked to write about a product I use every single day, or a product I absolutely rave about. Being a girl who likes to take care of h...
Rayelle Paulsona year ago
The Thing People Often Forget About Addicts
I was 15 years old when I learned my brother was an addict. I knew before he did, even though at that point he had already been struggling for a few years. I was hanging out with my boyfriend. We got ...