The realities of addition; the truth about living under, above and beyond the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Emily Buehner2 years ago
Dependent on the Dependency
When suffering with mental health and addiction, when do you say enough is enough? Is it when you have isolated yourself from the world. Is it when you can no longer manage a normal day alone with yourself? Or is it when you can no longer stop crying that you numb yourself with drugs to the point of being back to a healthy weight, or wait... being underweight now. We have all the resources we need, we know where they are and where to reach out for them, so why don't we? We are scared. Bottom lin...
Alice Minguez2 years ago
Skills to Prevent Relapse
What is Dialectical Behavior Therapy? Dialectical behavior therapy, more commonly known as DBT, is a type of therapy that was originally created to help people with borderline personality disorder, a ...
Cody Wyatt2 years ago
As a child, I did not have the full capacity to understand how quickly life stumbles along. I can remember waking up early in the morning for school thinking it was going to be a long dreadful day and...
Ricky Whitcomb2 years ago
What Happens When the Opioid Epidemic Hits Home... Literally
He was only 32 years old. It was a Sunday morning. I was working my second job, bartending at a local spot. If I hadn’t been working I’d have probably been there drinking regardless, enjoying a casual...
No Body2 years ago
The Pitfalls of a Weakened Will
Some of us had no idea if an end to the cycle was even possible while it still coursed our veins.
Katie sevin2 years ago
The Road to Recovery
I don't know if this road is a road less traveled, or a road walked on by many, but I do know that this road will take me to a beautiful place, and the journey, just as wonderful. I am 22 years old, a...
Jemima Daisy2 years ago
A Eulogy for My Not yet Dead Brother
I wrote my brothers eulogy six months ago, on another sleepless night spent wondering when I’d get the call. I hadn’t spoken to him since Christmas, but the slow suicide of someone you love is not som...
Drug Teens: A Memoir
“This is the story of a girl who cried a river and drown the whole world.” That is a line from “Story of a Girl” by 3 Doors Down. It comes in handy in this twisted, crooked, and crazy tale of a girl n...
Emily Buehner2 years ago
Facts About Life and Real People
Facts are facts. Simple right? It's either true with proof or not true. One fact a lot of people hear and use is, "life isn't fair." Yes, that is true. Is it a fact? It can be if you have support to back it up. Okay so people say life isn't fair, why do we have to believe what other people say. Life isn't fair but we control our own destiny. So it is a fact to some extent. Have you ever looked at the statement backward? We say life isn't fair, but the life given to us we treat is unfair by the c...