Advice and tips on managing mental health, maintaining a positive outlook and becoming your happiest self.

Five Small Changes to Match with Mental Health Month's Expectations
There are so many holidays to celebrate in May that it becomes hard to remember all of them, but there is one event we shouldn't forget and use as an opportunity to make some change in our life. There it is, an honor to the mental health month with five teeny tiny pieces of advice...
Mia Morales8 days ago
Improving Your Mental Health By Improving Environmental Factors
Mental Health America reports that there are over 44 million adult Americans suffering with mental health issues based on 2015 records. This staggering number provides some insight into how pervasive ...
Mental Health and Your Home Environment
Mental health is a tricky thing. It’s certainly incredibly important—few things matter as much to both our long-term health and our immediate daily lives. But most of us don’t pay enough attention to ...
Tobias Gillot13 days ago
Reasons You Might Want to Try Therapy
Therapy gives us insights into our own minds, and ways of thinking. It helps us learn how to respond to certain situations, and certain types of thoughts. It’s an incredibly powerful thing that can im...
Aly Ledene21 days ago
When 'Self-Help' Burns You Out
Self-help books from The Secret to The Five Second Rule offer a range from abstract and specific ideas about how to improve your life. But what if these books are adding to your burnout? Over the past...
K S24 days ago
Working Towards My Depression
Shameless plug again, but if you're curious about my story read both of my recent articles: Depression and Why I am No Longer Pre-Med. I am finally starting to become happier and I love it. I am start...
andrea wainera month ago
The Narcissistic Smear Campaign
There is only one type of person that creates smear campaigns, a character disturbed individual. Think about it for a moment. Have you ever thought, even once, to intentionally humiliate, embarrass or...
andrea wainera month ago
The Narcissist's Smear Campaigns Say Everything About Him/Her and Nothing About You
There is only one type of person that creates smear campaigns, a character-disturbed individual. Think about it for a moment. Have you ever thought, even once, to intentionally humiliate, embarrass or...
Mia Moralesa month ago
How Essential Oils Can Help with Mental Health
When we have to deal with mental health issues, it can really put us behind in our progress. Things that may appear easy for many individuals can be very difficult for those who are dealing with menta...
shiney poetrya month ago
Things They Never Tell a Pregnant Woman After Her First Pregnancy Ended in a Miscarriage
Things they never tell a pregnant woman after her first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage: That the thought of taking another pregnancy test in your whole entire life will scare you. That you will spen...
Al Stover2 months ago
'I Survived Ritzville, I Can Survive This'
Note: This post contains mentions of suicidal behavior, imposter syndrome and other potential triggers. I recently celebrated my 34th birthday. It wasn’t the most exciting in terms of past birthdays, ...
Wandering Wonderer2 months ago
To Anyone Who Feels Like They Have to Bear it Alone
Let's talk about mental health. From the smallest, slightly unsettling feelings to the most gripping of anxieties and delusions, the emotional and spiritual well-being of a person can go wrong in MANY...
Ossiana Tepfenhart3 months ago
10 Things to Remember When You Feel Anxious
Anxiety is a serious mind killer, and a really bad bout of anxiety can end up harming you in ways that you didn't even know were possible. Bad anxiety can make you lose your job, alienate yourself fro...
Nancy D3 months ago
How 'Behavioural Activation' Can Help You Cope with Depression
Taking care of yourself doesn't have to break your bank. If you are on a budget there are still many little ways to help. One of these ways is called, behavioural activation.
Jilian Woods3 months ago
How to Avoid the Negative Effects of Self-Judgment on Your Mental Health
Human beings cultivate strong opinions on things surrounding them. This is often negative judgment/self-talk while on other occasions it might be positive self-talk. Negative self-talk is harmful to y...
Tessa Murphy3 months ago
Are You Interesting?
Continuing from "Let's Be Honest, at Least, I Will" where we spoke about giving others advice but not being able to apply that advice to ourselves, there's a term called "Solomon's Paradox" to pinpoin...
Emily Fritz3 months ago
'Face It Till You Make It'
If you’ve spent any amount of time on Pinterest, Facebook, or any other social media that is flooded with inspirational quotes that make you want to get up off your ass, but like, not enough to actual...
Emilie K3 months ago
Managing Your Mind
You know how it feels. You have a larger-than-life load of homework, sports practice for two hours ... You can't focus because your family won't stop arguing, and you really just feel done. We've all ...