Advice and tips on managing mental health, maintaining a positive outlook and becoming your happiest self.

Jude Augustine2 years ago
Night Shadows
At night is when the demons come out. Distractions during the day may keep them at bay, but at night is when the attempted slaughter of my mind occurs. Millions of unnecessary thoughts circle around a...
How to Lead a 'Normal' Life With Depression and Anxiety
A few years ago, before I was "allowed" to speak about my mental health, things were at their worst. I was 17, going through college and just learning about the world. I was severely anxious and at th...
Leticia Gabbi2 years ago
5 Practices That Can Improve Your Mental Health
After being diagnosed with a major depressive disorder with a seasonal pattern, my therapist suggested scheduling an appointment with a psychiatrist to explore the possibility of going on medication. ...
Jude Augustine2 years ago
Inside the Deep Hold of the Mind
My mind it's a rather curious thing. Constant interactions with myself. This might make me sound crazy. Don't ponder on it too much, because I am crazy. I've come to terms with my mental illness these...
Chloe Urquhart2 years ago
Breaking Through Depression: Give Yourself Credit
Sometimes when we are feeling depressed, we only tend to focus on the bad things or what went wrong. For instance, say the first half of your day went brilliantly, you got the things you wanted to do ...
Andrew Bryant2 years ago
A Society in Need of Physical Touch
Have you ever been standing on a bus and someone accidentally brushes your hand with theirs, and you just get a sudden euphoric rush, simply from having another person touch you. You may be touch star...
Yvonne Glasgow2 years ago
My Life with Anxiety
About 13 years ago I was diagnosed with social anxiety and panic attacks. I was put on meds, talked to someone about my issues, and sent on my way back into the life that was scaring the common sense ...
Roz Bruce2 years ago
4 Tips on Dealing with Depression
Self-loathing, listlessness, the inabillity to feel pleasure, the inability to feel ANYTHING. Depression is awful. However, despite how unbearable it may seem at the time, there are a few skills I hav...
Azzyness E2 years ago
5 Things To Do in a Mental Health Crisis
A mental health crisis may consist of extreme anxiety, depression or feeling suicidal. For me, it's generally a mix of all three. This results in a rush of energy, feeling like I can't keep still or t...
Clare Scanlan2 years ago
Anxiety is the name we give to our feelings of worry, fear, apprehension, and nervousness. It is not a mental illness. It is the appropriate nervous reaction that human beings developed when we first ...
The Hole
I was there against my will, and I knew it was the place that I needed to be. See, I asked for help and protection from myself. I didn't trust myself anymore because I had a plan, a workable plan, and...
Bulky Babble2 years ago
Going in the Deep End
I was asked one time on how my anxiety started. When having anxiety and dealing with it for many years, that answer was nearly impossible to answer. Before you know it, days turn into weeks, weeks tur...
James Porterson2 years ago
Signs That You Need To Switch Therapists
As many people can tell you, getting therapy as a way to cope with mental illness, tough times, and trauma is a brilliant move. The right therapist can help you see problems in your relationships from...
Marilen Crump2 years ago
Think Good Thoughts
I remember thinking that I was a pretty positive person and that circumstances just got in the way of the real progress I wanted in my life. Growing up I kept a diary of things that I was dealing with...
Alex B2 years ago
Victory Starts in the Dark
Rise and be a hero.
David McCleary2 years ago
Best Mental Health Experts To Follow On Twitter
The social media universe is the place we go to vent, discuss, collaborate, shop, learn, watch, consume, and waste time. For all the gratuitous chatter and trivialities, social platforms are a hotbed ...
S P2 years ago
Living in a Blameless World Part 3
“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” – Carl Jung “Becoming acquainted with yourself is a price well worth paying for the love that will really address your needs.'" – Daphne R...
Rooster Robinson2 years ago
The Glorification of Depression and Its Disastrous Consequences
15 Habits of People With Concealed Depression Bullhickey! WARNING: What you're about to read may SEEM heartless. If this article above is the case then everyone's depressed. I personally find this to ...