Advice and tips on managing mental health, maintaining a positive outlook and becoming your happiest self.

Leah Pollick5 months ago
The Process
There are so many ways to handle mental health issues and I can honestly say I've tried several different approaches. My most prominent approach however, would definitely be avoiding and ignoring it. ...
Paulina Pachel5 months ago
The Most Underrated Crisis: Quarter Life Crisis
It’s 2017 in Chicago. Harsh windy day as it is January and I just landed my first full-time job, on my 22nd birthday shortly three weeks after graduating college. I cancelled a trip to LA with my best...
Mardoll Gatsby5 months ago
Healing Is Not a Yoga Pose
One thing that I cannot stand about this "inspiration culture" that millennials have created is that we beautify healing. My generation has made everyone (mostly each other, really) believe that it’s ...
Rose Walker6 months ago
There Is Always Something to Be Thankful For
You may sometimes or often have days where you feel deeply sad and/or fed up about life. Maybe it's your home life, finances, job, friends, relationships, mental health, or the many other factors that...
Bethany Ashlyn6 months ago
Living with Self-Doubt
There is something more crippling then our political war going on, and it is sitting in our homes. It is that little bubble of self-doubt. It creeps in when we least expect it and it latches on like a...
Leah Pollick6 months ago
Senior Year, Best Year Ever! Right?
Well, not exactly. Going into my senior year of college, I had one thing on my mind—which was to get through fall semester. And let me tell ya, college was not a walk in the park for me by any means. ...
Who Needs a Therapist When (Pt. 4)
Maybe some of the issue isn't me.
Joel Eisenberg6 months ago
“Victim Mentality"—If You Do Not Understand It, You Have Never Experienced It
Depression is real. Paranoia is real. Pain ... is real. Psychological or physical, it doesn’t matter. You will not find “victim mentality” in a DSM manual. It is neither a disease, nor an illness. A c...
Tessa Murphy6 months ago
Let's Be Honest, at Least, I Will
Okay, so, I'm twenty-two years old and I study all aspects of psychology at uni. Oh yes! I do psycho-analyse people. Oh no! I don't read people’s minds. I get it a lot; would you believe it? My childh...
Jon Lambo6 months ago
The Feeler
*face palm* This was such a poor choice for a title... The Feeler is one that understands everyone. They have a strange talent of being able to place themselves in other people's shoes. What I mean by...
Jon Lambo6 months ago
The Introvert
I've been an introvert my whole life. Even since I was a young child I remember just being quiet. Now with that being said I feel I need to clarify that there is a difference from being an introvert a...
Alex Korr7 months ago
World War of 3: Depression, Anxiety vs Happiness
Did you know that globally over 300 million are affected by a mental health illness? A huge number, right? But how do you deal with it? What is that first step to happiness? Here are some tips that you may find useful.
Natascha Dennee7 months ago
Break the Stigma
A stigma as defined by is "a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person." The most stigmatized things I deal with are actually way more common than s...
Liam Thornton7 months ago
How to Health
My Mental Health and How I Deal with It
Authentikei [K.C.]7 months ago
The “Lack Mentality” Is Killing Us
The truth bombs about reinforcing a mentality of shame due to lack of something in one’s life need to finally land. I’ve dropped these bombs on myself because this way of thinking led me and my friend...
S 7 months ago
10 Things Mental Health Taught Me
Mental illness can strike anyone at any age. Whether you are rich, poor, straight, LGBTQ+, married with kids or from a third world country, mental illness does not discriminate whatsoever. One month y...
Rachel Ann7 months ago
The Ultimate Hypocrite
Giving Advice to Others, but You Struggle to Help Yourself
Josh Gonzales7 months ago
Feeling Lonely and Depressed?
A recent study conducted by Dr. Melissa G. Hunt and colleagues shows that limiting your social media use to 30 minutes a day could significantly reduce your feelings of loneliness and depression. In t...