Advice and tips on managing mental health, maintaining a positive outlook and becoming your happiest self.

Michael Davanzo5 months ago
3 Things You Can Do to Help Those with Depression
There are a lot of articles out there about depression. In fact, there are a lot of websites, essays, books, dissertations, thoughts, concepts, and opinions out there about depression. And the headlin...
Rachel Ann5 months ago
Knowledge Right from the Psych Ward
Rachel Ann5 months ago
Just Some Quick Knowledge About Taking Psychiatric Medications
Rachel Ann5 months ago
Why Talking Matters
Day 1 06/28/2018 Hello everyone. Welcome to day one of my exciting new journey. And I sure hope it becomes our new journey and not just me alone. I’ve decided to try a new coping skill and I’m really ...
Stop the Stigma
You know in the cartoons where the character has a mini “Angel” on one shoulder and a mini “Devil” on the other? Well picture that, expect one of them is named “Anxiety” and will not stop tapping his ...
Texxx-Man Cosplay6 months ago
My Return to Cosplay
I'm here to give everyone an update of what's been going on with me. One of the first articles I'd written on Vocal was my battle with depression and anxiety. Back in May was Mental Health Awareness M...
Curlee's Vocals6 months ago
The Mirror Effect
"Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves - regret for the past and fear of the future."- Fulton Oursler It's 64 days five hours nine minutes 48 seconds until my 32nd birthday. I start my year...
Ariana Valencia6 months ago
Let's Talk.
Social media seriously harms your mental health. I'm not going to say that social media contributes to all of the internal struggles you may have, but I will say that it may contribute to some. Maybe ...
Richard Bailey6 months ago
How Journaling Helps Mental Health
Keeping journals or diaries has been a long time tradition. If you look back through history you will find that successful people have kept journals. People keep journals for different reasons, such a...
Jessica Murray6 months ago
Mental Health, Simplified
We all have a mental health. It is the state in which our minds operate; we can be stable some days, unstable on others. Mental ILL health is determined by the way we deal with the pressures of every ...
Vicky M6 months ago
Anxiety In Relationships
Someone with anxiety, more often than not, carries old habits into a relationship. Here are some ways that your S/O may show their anxiety and how to reassure them: 1.) If they need reminding that the...
Kelsey Lange7 months ago
10 Actions to Take to Make You Stop Hating Life
The oh so familiar dark cloud had taken its place over your head recently, and you want to know how to stop hating life. But where do you begin, when you feel so hopeless in every aspect of your life?...
Peter Madera7 months ago
Getting the Right Mental Health Diagnosis
So you've known for some time that something may be off with your moods... Most research has found that symptoms of mental illness may start appearing in the late teens to early twenties. There are ex...
Aaron Davis7 months ago
Emotional Outlets
I'm a man that wears many hats. For a living I do many things from working in the realms of insurance and finance to historical researching and instructing at the college level. Like an acrobat at the...
Emma Maki7 months ago
Why I'm 23 and Just Getting Started on My College Degree
No, this isn't another story about someone trying to make up for the mistakes they made in the past. This isn't another story about some white woman using her privilege to better her life, or walking ...
Bekah Dee7 months ago
4 Life Hacks From an Adult With ADHD
Why can't you just focus? Aren't you listening? How do you function in normal life when you can't seem to remember where you put anything? Sound familiar? If you, like me, are living with ADHD, you mi...
Crystal Sasso 7 months ago
Struggling With Mental Health
Depression and other mental health issues affect everyone in different ways. This is why it is important to get the right help that is needed. I have had medical and mental health issues for most of m...
Fiona Mayhem8 months ago
Mental Health Discord Helped Me Recover from Mental Illness
I spent the majority of this year looking for support groups for those living with mental health disorders. When I couldn't find a support group that aligned with my needs, I decided to create a menta...