Advice and tips on managing mental health, maintaining a positive outlook and becoming your happiest self.

Alex Lastnom6 months ago
The Lazy Man's Depression Guide
So! You all know the drill! Many of you are going through it, many of you know some one with it and many of you are faking that you don't have it. The One the only big D that f**ks us all eventually! ...
Paulina Pachel6 months ago
Social Exhaustion: Understanding the Mind of an Introvert
Anxiety is something that was familiar to me since the early pre-teen stages, but at that time in my life I could not put my finger on what it meant. The symptoms of anxiety that I had been experienci...
Freda Mattea6 months ago
Take a Break
We all have a breaking point; whether we are burnt out from work, family is getting to us, friendships get rough, or the world just begins to feel like it's closing in on us. It's important, in this d...
Rachel Ann6 months ago
Suicide Prevention Week 2018
Day 26 09/14/2018 Hello to you, my beautiful darling (times however many people are reading this). Welcome back to day 26. This is going to be triggering to some viewers. So please be cautious before ...
Carolina Rose6 months ago
Sick Sad Destructive Youth
I have struggled with depression and anxiety for years, I've always felt as though the little light inside of me shined dimmer than everyone else's. No matter what I did I thought that I was never goo...
Maya Angelique6 months ago
Feeling Older Than I Am
I'm not even 21 and I feel so much older. I find it crazy I can even feel this way. The only thing that would make any sense of why I feel this way is simply due to my mental state and trauma I've gon...
Lexi Lenarz7 months ago
To Whom It May Concern
To whom it may concern, I lived. It is a simple statement that so many in this world will never get the chance to say. I didn’t live in the sense of a near death or an almost OD and now my life has ch...
Lori Stephens7 months ago
The Recursive Loop of Self-Awareness
One characteristic that separates humans from other species is that we not only have awareness but we have self-awareness, AND the awareness that we are self-aware, AND the awareness of the awareness ...
Rachel Ann7 months ago
Day 8 07/17/2018 There is a trigger warning that I want to put out there. This topic briefly mentions suicide. So please be careful and cautious before continuing to read. Thank you and I hope this ad...
Infinite Love7 months ago
Increase Your Monthly Income and Influence in 30 Days
Influencers of all types residing all around the world were able to quit their 9-5 in a matter of 30 days. 99.4 percent have gone on to successfully triple their monthly income and live their entrepre...
Rachel Ann7 months ago
Random Acts of Kindness
Day 5 07/07/2018 Hello lovely people and welcome back to day five! Today I have an extremely important topic to talk about and share with everyone. When I shared this advice in the hospital, a lot of ...
Xaivier Thompson7 months ago
5 Realistic Ways to Help Beat Depression
Depression is tough. One minute you're on top of the world and next thing you know, it's all crumbling down. Sometimes it feels absolutely hopeless; like there's nothing you can do. And when you go on...
3 Things You Can Do to Help Those with Depression
There are a lot of articles out there about depression. In fact, there are a lot of websites, essays, books, dissertations, thoughts, concepts, and opinions out there about depression. And the headlin...
Rachel Ann7 months ago
Knowledge Right from the Psych Ward
Rachel Ann7 months ago
Just Some Quick Knowledge About Taking Psychiatric Medications
Rachel Ann7 months ago
Why Talking Matters
Day 1 06/28/2018 Hello everyone. Welcome to day one of my exciting new journey. And I sure hope it becomes our new journey and not just me alone. I’ve decided to try a new coping skill and I’m really ...
Stop the Stigma
You know in the cartoons where the character has a mini “Angel” on one shoulder and a mini “Devil” on the other? Well picture that, expect one of them is named “Anxiety” and will not stop tapping his ...
Texxx-Man Cosplay8 months ago
My Return to Cosplay
I'm here to give everyone an update of what's been going on with me. One of the first articles I'd written on Vocal was my battle with depression and anxiety. Back in May was Mental Health Awareness M...