A look at anxiety in its many forms and manifestations; what is the nature of this specific pattern of extreme fear and worry?

Jessica Bailey5 months ago
Thoughts Intrusive and Critical: Part 1
Me and my brain, right—are like two colleagues at work who smile tightly at the other when they pass on the fourth floor corridor to the stationary cupboard. My brain is the kind of co-worker that thi...
Jen Ai5 months ago
I Don't Know Who I Am Anymore
I couldn't wait to grow up when I was younger. I was thrilled that I had my whole life ahead of me, and it was up to me to choose what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be. I had no idea I would be b...
Brooklyn Powell5 months ago
The picture above portrays my deepest struggle in life. The struggle I've been battling for years. In the last four, it's become crippling beyond belief. That picture is of me, lost in the vivid beaut...
Marianna Michael5 months ago
You Won’t Die in Paris from Anxiety
The sky had darkened, creating a beautiful ashy canvas for burnt orange street lamps and neon signs to ricochet off. Standing in the middle of it all, I began shaking, hyperventilating, and heaving ne...
Anarda Nashai5 months ago
Interviews with a Big Black Broad: Sessions #7
Interviewer: When did you began to seek professional help to treat your BDD? BBB: I'm sure it's not surprising that I was reluctant. I was complacent in dealing with my issues on my own up 'til the ag...
Carol Townend5 months ago
Social Anxiety, My Experience
Social Anxiety and PTSD I went out recently with family. I thought I was over my fear of crowds until we headed into town which was crowded. I was nervous, fearful, panicking, and shaking. Everytime I...
G I5 months ago
Doing Me
Is anyone else totally OK with being alone? My anxiety has forced me to be alone for so many years. When I say alone, I do have a dog (since 2017) and I do have a husband (together 9 years, married fo...
Lita Patton5 months ago
Anxiety Horror Story - Episode 1: The Concert
End of summer, 2016. I was on the way to this live show event with my “friends” at Counter Culture, the new venue in my small little town, Saginaw, Michigan. When we get there, I automatically realize...
Rachel Bonneval5 months ago
They Left for the Day
After seeing the abuse and the mistreatment of other patients in my hall, I had to remain alert. I was not going to speak unless spoken to, and I was going to keep to myself. I did not want to give th...
Meghan Laprarie5 months ago
Tips for Understanding Anxiety
Supporting Someone with Anxiety
shiney poetry5 months ago
Am I a Failure?
Anxiety is a bitch, I think we can all agree. It keeps you up at night or wakes you up in the middle of the night, it plants thoughts and worries and doubts into your head about your character, about ...
Emmy Thompson5 months ago
Why Anxiety Makes Me Seem like a Bad Friend
I'm not a bad friend. I'm not a bad friend. I'm not a bad friend. These are the words I repeated to myself as I cancelled yet another party, another dinner date, another movie night. I've unwittingly ...
Lexie Lloyd5 months ago
Adventures with Anxiety
Wuddup my fellow nervous Nancies, During my first year at UNC Chapel Hill, I took a course classified as a "first year seminar." What is a first year seminar, you might ask? It's a class exclusive to ...
Megan Allaire5 months ago
Escape Anxiety
I was very interested in writing for Vocal to see what the hype was all about. I was unsure of what I could possibly write about. I don't feel I'm very interesting and I've never been very popular. Wh...
Abigail Brooke5 months ago
Three in the morning, I've wrested with the fears of someone breaking in. Maybe they're outside your window right now, finding a way in. I'm tired, so when I see the tall, broad, dark shadow in the co...
Juliana Fetherman5 months ago
Anxiety Is Tough, So Are You
It's always comforting to know you're not alone.
Jasmine Mitchell5 months ago
Trapped Inside Myself
I can't breathe. The air is grabbing my throat and I am gasping for air. All my life I have been the quiet girl. The sweet, innocent one that doesn't have a lot to say. Maybe I am a little shy, maybe ...
Kyrsten Wagoner5 months ago
The Silent Monster
There comes a time where I have to stop and ask: "is this my anxiety talking?” Day to day, I watch as the world continues to go around me while I sit and ask myself this question. Everyday, I have str...