Bipolar disorder; understanding the highs, the lows and the in between.

Denise Willis5 months ago
My Manic Personality and Depression
I have been diagnosed as bipolar. My father was a paranoid schizophrenic and also bipolar, but so far I have had no schizo problems. I have had bipolar problems however, and when I was drinking, that ...
Amanda Caton5 months ago
My Love/Hate Relationship with Mania
Welcome to my life. I live my life vicariously through my ritualistic manic episodes. These manic episodes usually start out with a vicious cycle of absolutely dreadful depression, that progresses to ...
Iria Vasquez-Paez5 months ago
What Is Mania?
Mania is an obvious bipolar 1 and 2 symptom although bipolar 2s are more the depressed sorts. Caffeine triggers mania for me, so I have to be careful with how much I have. Mania is brought on by mood ...
Jane Smith5 months ago
I still have bipolar. But it’s nothing to be scared of! They label you and tell you you need to be medicated forever—forever? That takes a lot of getting used to, believe me, and I did, I believed the...
Kathryn Lile5 months ago
Growing up with Bipolar
Growing up I didn't know what was wrong with me. I didn't know there was anything wrong with me, I was My name is Katie Lile, born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. When I was five I was diag...
Eg Laf5 months ago
Bipolar Badass
Ever since my childhood, society told me that mental illness was a shame, a burden to carry secretly. My younger self was fed with the bad depiction in movies. I associated mental health with hospital...
Scott Head5 months ago
Bipolar Type 2
The Beginning
Thomas May6 months ago
My Own Personal Hell
I was 20 when it first happened. I had just started my second year of being at a four-year university, living with a few roommates that I had lived with the previous year. I was studying political sci...
LeAnn Murch6 months ago
Being Bipolar
It's so difficult to explain, doesn't matter how much a person wants to understand you they just don't quite get it. I watched my mom suffer from it, she freaked me out and I would constantly yell at ...
Sierra Lynn6 months ago
I Have Bipolar Disorder, This Is Why I'm Unashamed
Mental health has long been a factor in many peoples lives, but it has long been ignored. It isn't uncommon to hear someone say their diagnosis now a days. You can hear people from all around the worl...
Chuck Hinson6 months ago
Lessons from a Bipolar Angel
Bipolar disorder, aka “Manic Depression”. In courtroom dramas, they're words often brought into play to describe a defendant's criminal behavior; in real life, I've heard them used as a crude verbal s...
Nancy D7 months ago
Living With My Bi-Polar Mother
My mother recently got worse mentally. It happened so fast that I felt like the ground was taken from beneath my feet. Just two days after my mother went into crisis, I had a disturbing dream: I dream...
A M8 months ago
Being in Love When You're Bipolar
The world of dating is an anxiety-provoking experience, even with the most seasoned of serial daters, but what do you do when your mental illness feels like an uninvited third guest? I've only been wi...
Emily R.9 months ago
Beginning My Journey
"Fantastic! I feel fantastic, honestly! I've never felt better. I can do everything, I want to do everything—my tablets must be working. They must be." Yet they weren't. Looking back, it seems so obvi...
Sahra Penumbra10 months ago
Bipolar Disorder vs Depression
Both bipolar disorder and depression are serious mental illnesses that can be crushing and even life-changing. Since many people with bipolar disorder were first diagnosed with depression before they ...
Sahra Penumbra10 months ago
"Bipolar is Just an Excuse"
If you read that in an obnoxious and snarky voice, chances are you agree with me when I say that bipolar disorder is very real and not an excuse at all. I feel as if people that claim that it’s an exc...
Willa White10 months ago
Five Things I Learned From a Bipolar Relationship
My first serious relationship was with a person who had bipolar disorder. At the beginning, she had yet to be diagnosed, but at the constant urging of me and other people, she finally sought help. She...
Lydia Catherinea year ago
In Case You Don't Understand
In case you don't understand, some things are out of my control. I equate having bipolar disorder to being forced to split time between being stuck in a hurricane and stuck in a dark cave. In case you...