Bipolar disorder; understanding the highs, the lows and the in between.

billy boylesa year ago
On the Bottom
"It's not the fall that'll kill you. It's the sudden stop at the end." – Doug Adams
The Questions Most Frequently Asked by Bipolar SOs
The purpose of this article is to try and help the many bewildered significant others of those who have bipolar disorder understand a little bit more about what their partner is going through. I'm twe...
Mania Mermaida year ago
"I Got Troubled Thoughts, and the Self Esteem to Match, What a Catch"
(Note: The title is taken from Fall Out Boy's song "What a Catch, Donnie")
Bipolar II disorder is a bipolar spectrum disorder characterized by at least one episode of hypomania lasting a minimum one week, and at least one episode of major depression lasting three months or m...
Nikita granta year ago
There are 3 voices in my head; the dark emptiness, the hopeful euphoria, and mine. Sometimes we can work together, but most times we are trying to destroy one another. The emptiness is only satisfied ...
Jared Smitha year ago
It starts with a sleepless night. I roll out of bed several hours too early to a world still sound asleep. I start the coffee pot and pretend that it's not 3am. I wait several hours to go to school an...
Edyn Schwartza year ago
Manifestation of Bipolar Depression
Signs of depression according to WebMD: • Sleeping too much • Lack of appetite • Isolation • Loss of interest • Feeling worthless/guilty • Trouble concentrating or making decisions • Thoughts of suici...
Denise Willisa year ago
Mania and Bipolar Depression
I was in my forties before I was diagnosed bipolar. I didn't really know what that term meant, and I didn't care as long as the craziness stopped. My face turned bright red, remembering the way I dran...
Depression. It climbs on top of me with an agenda: suffocate and deplete. I am here, but my mind is not. I'm sure I'm fading out of my own reality and yet I'm not sure of anything. The darkness covers...
Amanda Fraziera year ago
The table was grimy, covered in years of spilled coffee and cigarette ash, the hand-made doilies my stepmother had laid out making the edges between clean and filth stand out garishly. It was late, bu...
Alex Ba year ago
Are You Hermes, Tim Ferriss?
The Greek god Hermes was a trickster. He stole his half-brother Apollo’s beautiful herd of cows on the day of his birth after sprinting away from his mother Maia who had turned her back for less than ...