Life presents variables; learning how to cope in order to master, minimize, or tolerate what has come to pass.

Chloe Piers3 hours ago
Why Do People Self Harm?
Mental illness is a misunderstood and highly stigmatized part of society. With only 1/3 of those with mental illness seeking treatment this is a very real issue. One area of mental illness that causes...
Siena Dinia day ago
To put it simply, I think I'm dying. Four year old me would be terrified. I vividly remember having a tantrum at that age while sitting cross-legged on the kitchen floor, face wet with tears, and chan...
Fear of Disappointment
For me, disappointment often breeds disappointment. The fear of not fulfilling expectations is disappointing in and of itself. The idea that you fear how others perceive your challenges is dishearteni...
Dyl Elner5 days ago
A Funeral for Nobody
I must’ve smoked the wrong cigarette. It’s bad enough that I was in a funk the whole morning, so I thought I’d take my medicine to make it feel better. I’m not depressed, per say, just indifferent to ...
Martha Ball6 days ago
I recently lost one of my best friends due to a long fight against cancer, and I wanted to share what I learnt here so that it might help someone else.
Vicky M10 days ago
Anxiety In Relationships
Someone with anxiety, more often than not, carries old habits into a relationship. Here are some ways that your S/O may show their anxiety and how to reassure them: 1.) If they need reminding that the...
Rachel Smith10 days ago
Fighting Depression
Fighting depression can be difficult but don't fret, it is not impossible. I was diagnosed with clinical depression in 2005 and it was a big struggle for me. I found that I had no joy in doing things ...
BOS3R G3IST22 days ago
The Dark Headache
Like many sufferers of anxiety and depression I spend my life fighting what I like to call "The Dark Headache". Now when I say headache I don’t mean one that causes you physical pain and makes you fee...
M&B Musings23 days ago
The Wishing Hour
A Walk Through the Subconscious
Nicole Laureen23 days ago
The ache in my chest continued to grow as I tried to hold back my tears. Words spoken lead to the release of them; warm as they slid down my cool cheek. I zipped up my hoodie, grabbed my keys and slid...
Lena Arnetta month ago
Something Beautiful
For everyone who has had a hard time lately with everything and just wants to cry, scream, and run away from everything, this will help you rethink how you're spending your energy. I used to have bad ...
Heather Wilkinsa month ago
I'm Sorry for What I Said When I Said It
We've all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That's who we really are. - Sirius Black In the past week, I crossed a line that involved hurting someone clo...
Mallory Wiesea month ago
It's Okay to Feel the Way You Do
When you're feeling angry, sad, lonely, depressed, anxious, just know that it is totally okay for you to feel that way. Not one person on this Earth get's to tell you how to feel or should make you fe...
Laura .a month ago
Constructively Destructive
There are times, when I feel really low, that it can feel as though all the life is just being sucked out of me. Seriously, I don't joke when I say it's like I've fallen victim to a group of Dementors...
Chris O'Hanlona month ago
The Gardener's Guide to Mental Health.
Let’s face it: life can be crazy. It can get so fast paced that you often question the reasons why you’re on this merry-go-round in the first place. It seemed, to me at least, that everyone has this p...
Kendall Jonesa month ago
So I’ve battled with depression for most of my teenage life, and I always tried to ignore it. I thought if I just gave the impression of being happy I would eventually be happy. I lived my life suffer...
Paris Copeland a month ago
Growing up I would daydream about what I would be like in the future, and still to this day at seventeen years old I still wonder what ill be like in the future. As a kid I would look at the "big kids...
Angie Mina month ago
"Summer Body Ready"
[Disclaimer/ Trigger Warning: I am talking about eating disorders, recovery, mental illness. I am not a trained professional, but this is just my own opinion] For a bit of background info, I had an ea...