Life presents variables; learning how to cope in order to master, minimize, or tolerate what has come to pass.

Maurice Bernier3 days ago
The Ways I Deal With My Depression
I have reached a stage in my life that I would not even wish upon my best or worst enemy. I am 62 and I am going through changes that I never imagined in my entire life. Some can be dealt with while t...
Katie Thurston4 days ago
Mental Health Awareness Week: Day Four
Dear Anxiety, In all honesty, I can't really remember the first time you entered my life. There's no epiphanic moment. It didn't happen like people often imagine it as the whole world falls down upon ...
Allie Bushong5 days ago
Dear You
The Unfortunate Events of Life
Kimberly Alcorn5 days ago
Just Another Trich Day
I’ve had Trichotillomania for a long time now, and let me tell you: it freaking sucks. Pulling hair out because of stress, boredom, insomnia, OCD tendencies (such as one hair being a slightly differen...
Nicola Young12 days ago
The Anesthetic Effect of Netflix (or, How Bad Internet Changed My Life)
Netflix (and its ilk) can have serious detrimental effects on your mental health, especially for those who have pre-existing problems. Don't get me wrong—I love Netflix. And Amazon Prime. And Hulu. An...
How My Bipolar Diagnosis Fixed My Life
My experience being diagnosed with bipolar and how this has effected my life.
Annika Aura19 days ago
A Never Ending Battle With My Mind
Hi, my pseudonym is Annika Aura. I am an individual who has depression and anxiety since high school. During my high school years, I promised myself that I will not become depressed. Well, I was not a...
Jaz Persing21 days ago
Pinball Wizard
“It’s not nice being inside my head. It’s a nice place to visit but I don’t want to live in here. It’s too crowded; too many traps and pitfalls.” – Carrie Fisher So I’m supposed to write something abo...
Why My Clairsentience Drives Me Crazy
Clairsentience is all about the gut feeling, or feeling that you get when you meet somebody or walk into a house you are looking to buy. Clairsentients can sense emotions in a person, past, present, a...
Amanda Wynesa month ago
Free Falling
What does someone's mind think when they hear the phrase, "free falling?" Maybe the mind will think of risking it all for one thing, free falling into that dark abyss we, as humans, like to call love,...
Sam Woolavera month ago
Mental Health
Mental health... What a word. Most of us suffer from it; whether it be anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, OCD, PTSD, bipolar, and so many more. Often, we wonder how? Why? What did I do to deserve som...
Kelly Mcaulleya month ago
Why I Write
#WHYIWRITE I take responsibility for about half of what I've been through. I say half because what I've dealt with has been beyond my control, like health and grief. But the other half is my fault. Do...
D.C Memoira month ago
Untangling the Perfect Mess
It's been some years, so excuse me if I struggle to uncover these memories from the debris I tried to bury it under. At the time, I had no understanding, no preparation, no idea what the hell was happ...
Lilliana Backmana month ago
How To Cope With Losing Someone Close To You
After losing someone that you were really close with, it's so difficult to cope with the emotions that are flooding your mind. The memories start rolling through your head and you're realizing that yo...
Anna Heider2 months ago
Night Swimming
I remember the day I saw the ocean for the first time; I danced in the tides until the sun set and my parents were pulling me up the shore by my ankles. It was that day that I had been overcome with t...
Kathy Anderson2 months ago
What You Need to Be Doing to Combat Your Depression
I’d always been one of those people who heard someone saying they’re going to the gym and said, “What?! Why?! You’re crazy!” Exercising for fun in your free time—that’s weird, right? Well, it turns ou...
Richard Rymer2 months ago
Anxiety Runs My Life
One door, rattling in the air conditioner, back right light flickering continuously, and my mind unable to focus. Anxiety follows me everywhere I go, no matter the time or where I am at. After the mil...
Miranda Pf.2 months ago
Finding Yourself When You Thought You Were Already Found
Your mind can take you to amazing places. It can also take you to terrifying places. It can tease you, trick you, comfort you, and everything in between. For the past 6 years I have battled depression...