Life presents variables; learning how to cope in order to master, minimize, or tolerate what has come to pass.

S P2 years ago
Why Self Acceptance Can Either Help You or Hinder You
“Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery,” - Psychology Today When it comes to dealing with mental health issues, and essentially anything other a...
Sarah S.2 years ago
Living with a Mental Illness – Starting University
Hey, everyone, this is my very first post and I'm so excited I get to share my own personal story with you. I was diagnosed with major depression and GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) around two year...
Aspie Insider2 years ago
Discovering Asperger's as an Adult
I'm a 43-year-old married mother of three children and two step-children. I recently discovered that I have what used to be called Asperger's Syndrome but is now just referred to as Autism Spectrum Di...
Alice Minguez2 years ago
Skills to Prevent Relapse, Continued
Continued from Part 1, which discussed the Mindfulness and Distress Tolerance modules.
Becky Pitt2 years ago
A Journey to Understanding
The intense feeling of frustration that surrounds mental health is all too prevalent. Trying to manage daily life tasks and expectations and in many cases failing to do so due to illnesses such as dep...
Ashley Way2 years ago
Define: Normal
What does normal truly mean? It is a question I have contemplated for the majority of my life. Relating to someone else's "normal" is our greatest challenge. Our normalcy is a compilation of our envir...
G R2 years ago
When I was younger, I suffered silently from my mental illnesses. I didn’t feel normal and I couldn’t understand why. It wasn’t just teen angst, there was something seriously wrong with me inside that...
Lizzy Arrow2 years ago
Haters/Social Media/Press/Exes: Look What You Made Me Do
Dear Haters/Social Media/Press/Exes I really don't like your little games because they ruin my life; hackers, all the lies and attempts to get control over people even when you're not around them anym...
Summer Caine2 years ago
Losing a Loved One
A lot of misery stems around death. The demise of a pet, a friend, a family member. It is a pivotal moment in anyone's life, and it can change someone exponentially afterward. I first experienced deat...
Jemma Gallagher2 years ago
Mental Health: 4 Sept 2017
I have decided to document my mental health journey in an online format so hopefully at least one person can benefit from this. If this helps one person know that they are not alone then I will have a...
Annie Kapur2 years ago
Sleep Paralysis
It is unfortunate that the truth is "the more you talk about sleep paralysis, the worse it gets" and I am fully aware that mine will not go away. I am here to talk about my experiences with the strang...
Breana Ware2 years ago
Stripes: A Ten Year War Against Me 2
In "The Rice Experiment" demonstrated by Dr. Massey Emoto, three jars are filled with cooked rice and labeled either Good, Bad, or Ignore. Each day Emoto would speak positively to the jar labeled 'Goo...
Becky Barton2 years ago
Anxiety's Touch
After some recent, serious struggles with my illnesses, I decided to write something specifically about anxiety. Whether you battle chronic anxiety or just overwhelming manic days once in on occasion,...
Bullying We Are Surprisingly Okay With
So, I was watching this Cracked video on 4 types of bullying that we're surprisingly okay with and I remembered the way that bullying is something that I had to work through throughout my life; both as it was happening and dealing with its after effects. Bullying, for many people, can be a catalyst that sparks a spiral of bad mental health episodes that can traumatise anyone for the rest of their life. William Copeland, Ph.D. of Duke University, did a study on the effect of bullying and it turns...
Breana Ware2 years ago
Stripes: A Ten Year War Against Me 1
"Write what's on your heart." These are the words circulating my mind each and every time I attempt to pick up a pen. The words repeating themselves as I search for something, anything, of value to ex...
Zeno Antonius 2 years ago
A Smile in the Dark
8.15 AM. Mask ingredients White Russian. Shot of cheap whiskey. 10 GV hand rolled cigarettes. An organised line of cocaine. 10 valium. Maintenance - a random handful of narcotics, shoved into my shirt...
Maddy G2 years ago
An Introduction
It's been years since I've written something, but here goes nothing I suppose. My name is Madison, I am 20 years old and I live in a small town in Canada. I've been in a relationship for the last five...
Kaysha Stack2 years ago
Home is a complicated thing. This is my first ever blog post on this site and I must say that I am thrilled to connect with you. If you have any topics you would like me to address in the future pleas...