Life presents variables; learning how to cope in order to master, minimize, or tolerate what has come to pass.

Aaron daniel2 months ago
My Journey with Dysphoria
04/14/2019 Dysphoria is a heavy thing that I've been carrying with me for the past four months, still ongoing. Today, I've decided the share my story and my coping ways!
Tiff Ng2 months ago
How Do We Learn to Grieve?
It's a fact–we all experience grief at some point in our lives. We never know when we might face it, or how it will come. And we definitely don't know how it will affect us. I have seen death around m...
Melody Frost3 months ago
What to Do with Narcissistic, Self-Indulged, Attention-Seeking, Ego Trippers?
Wow, what about them. I divide this title into two kinds of people (this is what I named them myself), because from my perspective there are multiple types of toxic people and toxic behaviors, and her...
Rebekah Sanyu3 months ago
I Wrote a Diary While Suffering Mental Illness... It's Now a Published Book
Depression. Anxiety. Sexual assault. Bulimia Nervosa. Excessive alcohol intake. Attempted suicide. Reckless. Irrational, wild. Screw the world attitude. Self destructive. Moved out at eighteen. Mistru...
Bella Bergfalk3 months ago
All About Coping Skills
What are coping skills? Why should I use them? What are the benefits of using them? Is it difficult to learn? What if I don't like doing it? How can this help me? Is there someone this can't help? Tho...
Sarah Blain3 months ago
"Get Out of This House"
On a day like the one I am having, I would say it has been bad. It is hard to focus, and be 100 percent in public, which affects my work, and my relationships with other people. The world around me is...
Michelle Estevez3 months ago
10 Natural Ways to Reduce Stress on the Go
It’s not uncommon to feel stressed every now and then. Even as a yogi and meditation practitioner, I notice I still get stressed in certain situations. For example, I went for a massage last week and ...
Tabby Weir4 months ago
Living with a Mental Illness
INSTEAD of being a wave of relief, my diagnosis crushed me. I had been smacked with two hyper-stigmatised labels that I didn’t want or deserve. Medication seemed the logical route, and even though I s...
Luke Caratozzolo4 months ago
The Art of Breathing
Life at times is full on, fast-paced and challenging. One minute you're on top of the world and another minute you're in the slums. The mind is such a powerful system. Your thoughts literally create y...
Who Needs a Therapist When (Pt. 12)
It's not Dysmorphia, so what is it?
Alice's Secrets4 months ago
Reasons to Live
So, tomorrow is my two year anniversary. Two years ago, I tried to commit suicide. I can’t say that it has been easy, this whole, being alive thing. It hasn’t been all unicorns or rainbows but I am gl...
Vitality Adjustment
It sounds so easy, doesn't it? Getting it all started. To some people getting things started isn't a thought at all. Every day there are examples of people that do amazing things just by following the...
Sarah Jones4 months ago
Cats and Suicide
Hi, my name is Sarah and I am suicidal. After watching several episodes of a sitcom about alcoholics try to maintain sobriety, I thought that was appropriate. I have suicidal thoughts every hour on th...
Don't Call Me Crazy
Past: I don’t remember much about Christmas 2014 other than my life changing. Maybe that’s all I need to remember, at least for this narrative anyway. With every holiday season comes the hustle and bu...
Sarah Carver4 months ago
Safety Nets and Guilty Pleasures
I lived a medicated life up until last year. If it wasn’t medication for my food allergies, then it was medication for my period. If it wasn’t medication for my period, then it was medication for my m...
Sydney Scarlet4 months ago
Anxious and Sad
I feel like my anxiety has become a fashion trend for people who want to seem quirky or alternative. That my depression has become nothing more than a way for people to express their first world probl...
Sierra Lynn4 months ago
Joking About Your Mental Health Is Probably a Good Thing
“Coming to a theater near you: My crippling depression, one girls story about being alone and eating all day.” “Current relationship status: craving death.” “Depressed, yeah." Anxious, always." "Yee h...