Life presents variables; learning how to cope in order to master, minimize, or tolerate what has come to pass.

Paige Graffunder7 months ago
Physician, Heal Thy Self
I have kept a journal since I was old enough to know how to write. I have documented almost every moment of my whole life, and more importantly than that, I have recorded my feelings on the things tha...
Elijah Taylor7 months ago
One Kiss
It's amazing how one kiss can change your life, for better or for worse. Kissing is supposed to be healthy and improve a number of different things for you; that intimacy. Intimacy is something that I...
Faith Zielinski7 months ago
I Remember You
I remember you, The way your face would light up at something that made you excited, the way you closed your eyes and swayed your hips to the music, taking in the joy and the carelessness of life. I r...
Valentina Sophia7 months ago
Dealing with PTSD, Depression, and PPD
As someone who has suffered from three types of depression, I want to shed some light to those who suffer from it or know someone who is. I am not a doctor, these are just my experiences.
Brandi Payne7 months ago
Thoughts About Giving Up
Sometimes things have beaten me down so bad that I almost want to give up. Life becomes so hard and it seems like everything is just falling down around me. It becomes frustrating to the point of havi...
Katy K7 months ago
My Abusive Relationship
I was fourteen. Barely even a “young woman” when I met him. We used to say it was fate we met, because circumstances lined up just right for us to meet, and that was what I based our entire relationsh...
Adelia Pratico7 months ago
The Importance of Mental Health
Do you have a family member or close friend who struggles with a mental illness? According to the National Alliance on Mental illness, one in five adults suffer from a mental illness. Nearly one in 25...
Teya Hooper7 months ago
I Don’t Know
I never knew why I needed to write. Just that... I needed to. It gave me purpose. It gave me clarity. It gave me... peace. Simply everything that the rest of the world and the people could not. Don’t ...
Holly Paine7 months ago
Dealing with Anxiety
Please note: This article is not intended to diagnosis or prescribe a treatment for any mental or physical health issues. If you feel you may have an anxiety disorder or a physical health problem caus...
Paige Graffunder7 months ago
Desperate for the Need to Rise
I live in Seattle. That means during the winter it will rain almost every day, and the sun doesn't rise until after 7 AM and sets at 4 PM. This is only November, so as the year progresses towards the ...
Kristin Lee7 months ago
When Suicide Takes a Loved One
When I was 14 and a freshman in high school, there was a new girl in my class. We'll call her Lynn. She was my age; just a month older than me, actually. To be honest with you, I don't remember if we ...
Harmony Myers7 months ago
Introduction + Entry #1
My name is Harmony Myers. I am freshly 18-years-old. I just turned such in late October. I am a freshman in college, and I am engaged. These last few years of my life have gone by faster than I could’...
Olive Octavius8 months ago
A Manifesto of Anxiety
I was born with this disease, this disorder. I honestly never noticed it “coming on” until I was in fifth grade. I have suspicions that my father might’ve known sooner. As a child, I was uncomfortable...
Darragh Joyce8 months ago
The Continuing Stories of Those We Loved and Lost
Clinical psychologist Dr. Kim Bateman wrote an article for TED Ideas in October of 2017 detailing her fractured journey toward acceptance of the death of her 21 year old brother in a skiing accident i...
Harie Calder8 months ago
Dealing with Demons
Demons. Lurking in the shadows. Hiding under our beds. Creeping up from behind us. Waiting to jump at us. An endless stalk from the dark corners in the world around us, and the deep recesses of our mi...
Glen McKenzie8 months ago
The Feeling of Insignificance
There is something inside of us; part of our soul; part of our being that needs to know "where do I fit into this thing called the universe?" And if you're like me, you will have had or are having rig...
Brandi Payne8 months ago
Battling With Mental Illness
I am a soon to be 48-year-old woman who battles with multiple disorders every day. I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder, severe anxiety, social anxiety disorder, post traumatic stress disord...
Leah Rose Evan8 months ago
Living on LV2
Before I start, I just wanna put a warning to anyone who might be facing the same challenges I did. This may trigger you and as a fellow friend I want what's best for you. You are loved and strong. He...