It is not just a matter of feeling sad; discover an honest view of the mental, emotional and physical toll of clinical depression.

Claire Peters5 days ago
How to Fight Back Against Depression
When you’re depressed, it can feel like your condition is in complete control of your life. Depression makes us feel sad and empty, and it drains us of our energy. Things that once brought us joy no l...
Daniel Brown7 days ago
Coffee as an Antidepressant
Caffeine might be considered a miracle cure for being tired, but there might be more to this interesting little chemical than we might have thought. In America alone, coffee drinkers consume over 400 ...
Ashley Peterson7 days ago
When You Don't Feel What You're Supposed To
There are certain occasions when it is socially expected that someone will feel a certain way. There are also major events that will have a strong impact throughout the world, and may end up forever e...
Kris Caldwell10 days ago
Welcome Back
Oh depression, how you come knocking on the door of my brain, and I let you in, every time. Now depression cannot be "controlled," but my quest has begun to find the ways to control my reactions to it...
Understanding and Battling Depression
For hundreds of millions of people around the world (300 million, to be exact, according to the World Health Organization), depression is a daily reality. Depression is a debilitating thing, and it ca...
Ashley Peterson14 days ago
Hiding Under a Security Blanket
I am an introvert. That's a trait that's come out even more strongly as I've moved through my adult life, and I've gone from being reasonably comfortable with it to fully embracing it. When my depress...
Guerline Gillot15 days ago
What Depression Has Taught Me
My name is Guerline, but you can call me Gigi. I am 28-years-old and overcoming my battle with depression. Now, my life has always been very difficult. Dark days began to feel normal. Especially if it...
Grace Xtra19 days ago
It's Not Just a Feeling
From feeling blue to full-on depressive episodes, everyone has felt some sort of negative, sad emotion, though the difference between being sad and depressed are very great. It's not just depression e...
Anastasia Adams25 days ago
What Happens When the Old Ego Is Being Reshaped?
Gradually, as the old mindset or ego evolves beyond the old way of doing things, it can be very challenging with seldom mood swings or situational depression. We may conclude we are going down the wro...
Who Needs a Therapist When (Pt. 12)
It's not Dysmorphia, so what is it?
Gigi Ma month ago
I’m Okay
“I’m okay.” I told my brother with a smile after he asked if I was feeling well. In all honestly, I’m not. I feel like I’m digging a hole and burying myself alive. Depression is getting me every time....
Amanda Clevelanda month ago
What Is Depression?
What is depression? You’re really low for a long time, maybe talk to a counselor a couple of times, get some medication, and then you feel okay again. Medication is a joke. I don’t need medicine to fe...
Megan Paula month ago
Losing My Father at the Age of 25
About a week ago, my father committed suicide. He had been struggling with Depression and Post Traumatic Stress for longer than I’ve been alive, and he’d attempted it before, a few times. Still, it wa...
My Depression Isn't Beautiful
So many people see depression as beautiful. I can assure you that my depression isn’t beautiful. Its probably the most terrifying thing I’ve experienced in my life. And I’ve had my fair share of traum...
Traci Reasona month ago
Riding the Coattails of Happiness
Do you ever have one of those happy moments that are really, really good? You just want to linger there in that sacred moment for the rest of your numbered days? No? Yeah... me neither... kidding! I'm...
Blue Eyesa month ago
My Story
I don’t really know how to begin. I’ve had depression my whole life, but the day I felt it, really felt it, for the first time I was 13 years old. You know the feeling I’m talking about? Like everyday...
Ashlee Sopticka month ago
Depression and Anxiety
A Day in the Life of