It is not just a matter of feeling sad; discover an honest view of the mental, emotional and physical toll of clinical depression.

Elijah Taylor3 months ago
Disappointing people has always been my forte. First, I disappointed my father by being gay. Then I disappointed my mother by not being her. Then my grandfather, by trying to start something for mysel...
Who Needs a Therapist When (Pt. 4)
Maybe some of the issue isn't me.
E McNeal3 months ago
December Diary
A Month of My Depressed Thoughts
Ashley Peterson3 months ago
Merry Blue Christmas
Are you spending Christmas alone? Hey, me too! We've all got our stories for why we might be having a blue Christmas alone, and chances are there are a lot of common themes amongst our stories. Here's...
Katia Ashe 🖤3 months ago
The Reality of Mental Health
There is a thick line between the people that pretend in order to get attention and the people that really experience it. Is it something you did? Something you're going through? Or is it really somet...
Marlene Affeld3 months ago
Coping with Holiday Depression
By: Marlene Affeld Loneliness is a word used to express the pain of being alone, solitude is a word used to express the glory of being alone. Learn to know the difference. Express your feelings. It’s ...
Natalie C..3 months ago
Depression Awareness
Depression is a hard topic to talk about in general. People who suffer from depression most of the time have another mental illness or disorder along with it. "350 million people worldwide suffer from...
Chris (Kit)3 months ago
How I Got Through Depression
My trip into depression started like so many others. One little bit at a time. Seven years ago (give or take a bit), I was happy all the time. Well, not necessarily happy, but not sad or depressed. I ...
Mandie Hann3 months ago
Living with Depression and Anxiety
I have had depression and anxiety since I was 16 years old. I was able to keep it at bay until I was 21. I listen to all the TED Talks I can find on anxiety and depression because it helps me understa...
Megan Paul3 months ago
Why Do We Romanticize Depression?
Seeing depression depicted in movies and TV shows isn’t necessarily rare, but frequently it’s depicted in such a way as to seem "quirky" or even "romantic." Often it’s "cured" by the romantic plot and...
jess ☕ C.4 months ago
They say time heals all wounds. Not only is that a terrible cliche, it is untrue. Some wounds are so gaping that although time may lessen them, they never completely close. My father was what one woul...
Selina Martineau4 months ago
Cat Therapy
In September, I decided I would try and get my life together. After a bad bout of seasonal depression last winter, I thought it would be great to try therapy. I was being proactive, fighting off negat...
LeAnn Murch4 months ago
Suicide, Not an Answer
I've thought about suicide more times than I can count and I've attempted it several times. Obviously I've never been successful with it but doesn't change the feeling I have of not wanting to be here...
LifeWithOut Sun4 months ago
Sunless Life
We all would love to go to the beach every now and then. It would be great to just lay in the sun and listen to the nature of the sea. For you, it may be easy, but for me, it's like climbing Mt. Evere...
Alicia Brunskill4 months ago
Stuck in a Winter Loop
If you’re anything like me, as soon as the weather turns a bit colder and the days start getting a bit darker, your body starts to shut down. It doesn’t matter how much I love walks in the cold, crisp...
Sean Checkley4 months ago
The Depths of My Mind
I'm walking into the water, I've gathered my rocks and placed them in my backpack. I feel the cold water grasp at my shortened breathe as I fully submerge myself under. Moving out into more open water...
Michelle Frank4 months ago
Demons of the Mind
My youngest daughter wrote this and asked me to post it. *** I'm terrified of questions. I'm terrified of being asked questions. I hate being asked questions and having to come up with a fake answer j...