The spectrum of Mental Health disorders is incredibly vast; we showcase the multitude of conditions that affect mood, thinking and behavior.

Amy Mauger6 months ago
Get Real
WARNING: Content may be triggering for some. I encourage you to open up completely with all of the strangers of this world, and to help end the stigma around mental illnesses. I am not ashamed or emba...
Iria Vasquez-Paez7 months ago
Munchausen by Proxy
Munchausen by Proxy Munchausen syndrome and Munchausen by proxy are similar mental health problems. Munchausen syndrome is different from Munchausen by proxy in that Munchausen syndrome features a suf...
Carina Fresa7 months ago
Too Skinny, Too Heavy
From a young age society implants an image in our heads of how we should behave, or what we should look like. But the thing about society is that it only portrays one side of things, a side that is of...
Karla Pitt7 months ago
Management Out of Destruction
A tiny bit of background, as a young woman, who has suffered many of a ‘series of unfortunate events,’ one of the most prominent handfuls of difficulties I have developed over the last five years is O...
Iria Vasquez-Paez7 months ago
What It Is Like to Drink and Be Aware
As a gifted, and aware person, I drank to quell the talent and the noise. My talents are numerous. It is hard to be inside my own head sometimes. Alcohol served as self-medication for me. I gave it up...
Jessica Keller7 months ago
Living with OCD
For majority of my life, I was told you're just acting crazy and to just stop doing certain things. I tried very hard to stop but deep down I knew I wasn't crazy. But instead there was just something ...
Avalon S.7 months ago
Life as I Thought I Knew It (1)
I've always been a bit reluctant to share any of my experiences or stories that regard mental illness and suicide at the fear of typecasting myself as a "typical millennial" or "attention-seeking teen...
Ray Bohn7 months ago
Sleep Paralysis, Buried Alive
Facts and Tips on Sleep Paralysis
Kittie Kat7 months ago
I feel like I'm trapped. I'm trapped inside a very dark and cold room, with five different heaters going. But none of them are warming me up; I'm stuck in a forever blizzard of coldness. My friends ar...
Holly J Baptiste8 months ago
4 Things You Should Know About Eating Disorders but Probably Don't
For decades, we’ve been fed a specific storyline about eating disorders and it goes something like this. They’re diseases centered around weight and body insecurity, triggered by a society with unreal...
Michaela Switzer8 months ago
I Believe That Recovery from an Eating Disorder Is Possible
“When we were five, they asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up. Our answers were things like, astronaut, president or in my case, a princess. When we were ten, they asked us again. We answered...
Allie Vitalis8 months ago
Mental Illness
When I quit my long-term job as a daycare provider, I never could have imagined sinking as low as I have. Those four years spending time with the smiling faces of small children had been what kept me ...
Leyah Tamrin8 months ago
A Thought About ADHD
ADHD. As it says in the title, I'd like to talk about a thought I have about ADHD and this comes from the mind of one who was diagnosed with this disorder quite a while ago. Now, as a disclaimer, I am...
K.P. George8 months ago
Gotta Catch'em All
Xanex, I choose you! This is the Pokemon world. It's filled with so many different types of Pokemon and now you have to decide who will be your partner along the journey. In the world of Pokemon, you ...
The Glass Child8 months ago
My Dark Passenger
I have always been a regular human, when I say regular I mean went to work, had great friends and even though small, had a very loving family. July, 2017. In the midst of July this year my life took a...
Jem Ali8 months ago
Have you ever feel like you are no longer the person you were months ago? How about a year ago? Or maybe a few years ago? Have you ever felt so lost that you no longer remember what your purpose or as...
C.K. Milton8 months ago
Me: Untitled
Preface I do not want any future readers to believe that there is a “point” to this story—it is not about me, in all my adolescent and teenage glory learning the problems of life and how to deal with ...
Emily Grace Gill8 months ago
Trichotillomania and Me (Pt. 3)
The first two articles in the series are available here and here. Please read them before continuing. -Calva. -Que? -Cal-va. -Momento, por favor. I took out my Spanish to English dictionary, flipped t...