The spectrum of Mental Health disorders is incredibly vast; we showcase the multitude of conditions that affect mood, thinking and behavior.

Alex 9 months ago
A Brief Summary on Misophonia
Google definition: Select sound sensitivity syndrome, sound-rage. People who are sensitive to certain sounds sometimes cope by blocking them out. Misophonia, literally "hatred of sound," was proposed ...
Andie Pabon9 months ago
What I Know About Insomnia
What everyone knows about insomnia is that it means you can’t sleep. So people see something like a Lunesta commercial and think, “Oh sometimes I have trouble sleeping. I must be an insomniac.” People...
Sam Bridge10 months ago
Pedophilia and the Brain
Can we prevent pedophilia or rehabilitate people who have pedophilic behavior? Studies have shown that differences in a person's brain can have an effect on their sexual behavior. Do these differences...
Carolann Sherwood10 months ago
Do You Have OCD?
I joke with my friends and family about "My OCD" trait, so I wanted to take a good look at this pesky trait and find out what I could about this so-called disorder that may plague me sometimes and man...
Kat Jay10 months ago
Living with OCD—It Is Not About Being Clean
I started a new job a couple of weeks ago, and already two of my new colleagues have told me they “are” OCD. One of them "is" OCD when it comes to his shoes; he likes buying expensive, quality trainer...
Sonica M10 months ago
The television series Friends put a funny spin on the term and even made it popular to have OCD. Suddenly, everyone who loved cleaning, claimed they had OCD without really fully understanding the diso...
Rinaldi Coley10 months ago
Diary of a Mental Mummy
So here I am at 3:25 in the morning—no sign of sleep, overthinking, over scrolling through social media, so I decided to write. Insomnia and depression has been apart of my story since the age of 14. ...
Kay Simpson10 months ago
A Day in the Life with Dyspraxia
Dyspraxia is a disorder that affects the messages to the brain, it also affects cognition, moment and communication. It can affect a young child or even an adult’s life. I start my day by being rudely...
Makena Roach10 months ago
My Story
Hi. My name is Makena and here is my story summed up about my metal illnesses.
Kacie Turtona year ago
A Day in the Life of an Obsessive Compulsive
Dear Vocal Readers, Oh, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, how I love it so. Many people see those words and think, "Oh they must be a clean freak." While that can be true, the disorder is so much more th...
Kathy Lestera year ago
Social Identity Crisis Intervention
Why are you still sitting there all by yourself? Why are you shutting the world completely out? You hide your face but nobody wants it hidden. They want to fully see it; not just through a partial vie...
Kimberly Alcorna year ago
The Art of Isolation
I’m 28. I’ll just start off by telling you that. Most of the people I went to high school with are now well into their careers and their “adult” lives. One guy I dated is now a doctor with a PhD and a...
M Oa year ago
Why Some Sacrifices to Be Thin Aren’t Worth It
I open my eyes and am welcomed by the soft lull of dusk. I check my phone: 5:33 AM. I roll my eyes and try to think positively to myself, "Great. At least I got five hours tonight." I roll my body off...
Ghost G.a year ago
The Truth About PTSD
I have been living with PTSD for a very large portion of my life. My diagnosis was made about 9 years ago and is due to an unfortunate chain of events in my childhood that included a few types of abus...
A New Me
It started with a dress, mirror, and depression. They were all present when I had my first experience with my disease. I was wearing a white dress with a black strip of lace around the waist of the dr...
Emily Carrina year ago
Memoirs of a Borderline
Reading other memoirs of people with borderline personality disorder has brought me to a place where I want to tell my story about my struggles with mental illness. It is hard to bring myself to write...
Justin Younga year ago
ADHD from a Personal Perspective
We all know that ADHD is a mental illness. I certainly know this because I have it. So from a personal perspective I can tell you honestly that having ADHD sucks. Often times when I tell people I have...
Byanka Delgadoa year ago
The Long Road Ahead
September 12th, 2012 Every day seems like a constant struggle. At that start of my day I have to try to decide who I want to be. I can be the solemn employee, the spiteful daughter, the cheery mother,...