Dispel judgement, debunk the myths and correct the misconceptions you hold about eating disorders.

Mina LeAnn5 days ago
10 Symptoms Nobody Told You About Eating Disorders
With eating disorders, there are a few symptoms and actions that are talked about quite frequently, such as weight loss, purging, and food restriction. However, there are many more habits and symptoms...
Meg Sarai5 days ago
10 Tips Toward Eating Disorder Recovery
If you're reading this, chances are you or someone you love has an eating disorder and you are looking to find some secret formula for a lasting recovery. Well, I hate to break it to you, but there is...
My Fight with Anorexia
One of my least favorite childhood memories took place in middle school (I believe I had just reached the tail end of the 6th grade) during gym class. An interesting thing about my middle school was t...
I Have an Eating Disorder
Depression and anxiety have been my main focus on what to fix and talk about in therapy; however, this year I've finally told people of my eating disorder.
Woman vs. Food
"If you're going through Hell, keep going" —Winston Churchill
Natalie C.a month ago
Struggling with an ED
Stepping on the scale and seeing the numbers start to go up. That is the day my life started to change. It was raining outside and the house was silent, except for the classical music playing within. ...
Emily Nichols2 months ago
The Silent Struggle
I lost the things I enjoyed most during the height of my eating disorder. I was a writer. I used to be praised by my English and literature teacher for my writing skills in high school, but when my ea...
Caitie Perry2 months ago
My Eating Disorder Nightmare
Eating Disorders can be confusing for those who never went through this mental disorder; sometimes even confusing for those of us who have been through it. I'm somewhat scared to share this story so I...
Danielle Key2 months ago
The Battle for My Life
Life is a journey. It is filled with the unexpected. There are valleys, mountains, rocks, sticks and flat places. Sometimes there is water and things get muddy. Other times, life is filled with leaves...
Megan Desranleau2 months ago
My Eating Disorder Journey
In this article I am going to write about the trials and tribulations of an eating disorder that I encountered.
Brynn đź’—2 months ago
Barely Existing
The reality of an eating disorder is not glamorous or beautiful. It is pain and tears and blood and sweat. It is EKGs and labs and pills and fighting and screaming and living in a world that is comple...
The Struggles of a Chronic Dieter
I am 25 years old and I have spent over 15 years of my life worried about my weight. If you want to get technical, that is 60 percent of the time I have spent on this Earth. I know, it sounds like a c...
Unity Addison2 months ago
How Veganism Is Helping Me To Overcome My Eating Disorder
During the depths of my eating disorder, I was completely controlled by an anorexic voice– a voice that would never leave, looming always over my shoulder. This voice would scream at me for eating, bu...
Eugenia Moreno2 months ago
My ED Story (Part 2)
So, as I said last week, the dream to be thin was not the sole one to turn into the darkest reality. Once I realised my habits needed to change, I not only began to eat comfortably but going out and e...
Rebekah Gilmour2 months ago
Finishing the Fight with Bulimia
Two years ago, I wouldn't be voluntarily sitting in a coffee shop like I am now. Heck, I would be trying every move possible to not have to go to a coffee shop. And then, just for considering eating f...
Eugenia Moreno3 months ago
My ED Story
I too have been a victim of image obsession. In the 21st century where pictures of runaway models fill every magazine and advertisement stand, it seems rather tempting to tell ourselves, "I should pur...
Christine Alarcon3 months ago
Disordered Eating and a Solution
Imagine you’re sitting in front of a mirror with a laptop in hand and a tempting bowl of your favorite snack in the other. In one hand your laptop is telling you why you should not eat that snack and ...
Olivia Cox3 months ago
A Socially Acceptable Addiction
On February 14, 2012, I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. I was 15-years-old, a sophomore in high school, and I was perpetually moody, or rather, as my mother likes to say, “temporarily insane.” I w...