Dispel judgement, debunk the myths and correct the misconceptions you hold about eating disorders.

Kate Robinsona month ago
Inside the Mind of an Anorexic
"I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will" —Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë 'Okay, so if one Weetabix is 75 calories, along with 20 extra calories from the ...
Skunk Uzekia month ago
10 Most Alarming Signs of an Eating Disorder
From the ages of 15 to 23, I had a very serious eating disorder called anorexia nervosa. It was an eating disorder that made me hate food, and even today, I have a hard time eating when I'm stressed. Being a veteran of eating disorders has given me a sixth sense when it comes to knowing whether or not people have eating disorders, or when they have a negative body image. This makes me pretty darned good at offering help, or being a go-to person for advice on getting better. The thing that baffle...
Grace Ambrose2 months ago
My New Wardrobe
Something that's been a really prominent part of my recovery are my clothes. In my opinion, there have been five sections to my wardrobe over the last five years: My pre-illness wardrobe My illness wa...
Suzanne Gayle3 months ago
How Diet Culture Impacted My Eating Disorder
I was 15-years-old when I first started to show eating disorder habits. It started by cutting out junk food, then soda, then carbs, and, well, you can pretty much figure out the rest. By my senior yea...
The Measure of a Woman
This week is dedicated to eating disorder awareness. What does that mean? It means we need to break the stigma around eating disorders and diet culture once and for all, not only for ourselves but for...
Sky Lue3 months ago
Living with Ana
Let’s address a topic that totes a wagon full of myths with it where ever it goes: Anorexia. As somebody who has Anorexia, whom I call “Ana”, I would like to first start with a disclaimer. Eating diso...
bella klatt3 months ago
My ED Treatment Story
In December of 2017, I had started to use disordered eating habits. My boyfriend and I weren't doing well at all and this happened to be the way that I coped with it. I lost about 16 pounds in two to ...
Tamara Kaitlyn3 months ago
How I Learned to Overcome My Body Struggles
Hi. My name is Tamara, I’m 20 years old, and I’ve had an eating disorder for six years. It all started when I was 14. At the time, I had extremely low iron and was put on pills to help regulate these ...
Alanis Sophia3 months ago
The Beginnings of the Deathly Cycle
I remember sitting there in my room, which I shared with my stepsister at the time. On the edge of the bed, a magazine balanced over my knees, I read an article about one of my favorite singers—who I ...
Lauren Collings4 months ago
Eating Disorders 🤭
Hello beautiful! I’m glad you’re here, either out of curiosity or out of desire for understanding—or anything else for that matter! I started going through phases of starvation when I was about 14 yea...
saskia hdlt5 months ago
The Reality of Anorexia
Recently, I realised how many people are oblivious to the harsh reality of an eating disorder. People only see what sufferers put online and more often than not, what we see on social media isn’t an a...
Natalie C..5 months ago
Eating Disorder Awareness
Eating disorders affect millions of people all over the world today. There are many different types but the main ones include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and also binge eating disorders. All of...
Alexandra 6 months ago
It's Time to Fly
On long car rides I play a game where I try to see how many different license plates I can find. After many years, I’ve memorized what each state license plate says. New Hampshire is my favorite: "Liv...
Bekah Boudreau6 months ago
Travelling with Anorexia
The title of this article may seem intriguing, may seem taboo, may even seem fake, and I hate all of those assumptions. The title "traveling with anorexia" should be just as out of the ordinary as "tr...
Jacqueline Smith6 months ago
Do You Suspect an Eating Disorder?
Does your child have an eating disorder? Is your child beginning to withdraw or act strangely? Has your child stopped spending time with friends? Is your child eating differently, more or less? Is you...
Alexandra Eismont6 months ago
My Life Through Disordered Eating
It has taken 23 years for me to admit that I have an extremely disordered relationship with food. Follow me through my stages of coping, and finally learning to give my body what it needs, real food.
Allie Shawe7 months ago
My History with Food
The long and the short of how my relationship with food progressed throughout my life. The ups and downs of how mental health and food are related.
Yasmin K.7 months ago
Food Anxiety
Have you ever gone to pay for your food shop and worried about how much you bought in comparison to other shoppers? Or maybe when you go out for a meal, you worry about what people think of you for ea...