Lists about all things mental health; explore psychiatric disorders, treatments and mental illness misconceptions from the common to the obscure.

My Top 5 Phobias
I'm not afraid of anything, but there's nothing wrong with having a phobia or two—or even five or more. In this article, I'll be talking about the phobias I have and the experiences that caused it. I'...
Ossiana Tepfenhart5 months ago
12 Best Gifts For Your Friend With Anxiety
Anxiety has a weird way of becoming a huge part of your identity and personality. I ought to know; I suffer from it, and that's what most people pick up on when they meet me. I can't help it. Anxiety ...
Malak Younis6 months ago
16 Ways to Get Over Depression
We all encounter situations in our lives that can make us feel miserable. It could be a bad day at school, a bad break-up, or the loss of a dear pet. We become depressed and we think that all the happ...
Yvonne Glasgow6 months ago
5 Tips on How to Reduce Stress
No one is free from stress. How you react to it and the things you do to naturally relieve it are the only things that you can really control when it comes to stress. We experience stress at home—over...
Alicia Brunskill8 months ago
The Pressure of New Year
After Christmas and surrounding New Year there’s a pressure to change your life, make resolutions, chart the progress you’ve made, celebrate the passing of the past year and welcome the new one. It’s ...
Holly Paine8 months ago
A Few Things That Make You Doubt Your Sanity
But Are Actually Really Common (Though Not Always Healthy)
Nicola P. Young8 months ago
10 Signs Someone Is Hiding a Mental Illness
Especially in teenagers and young adults, it can be hard to recognize what behaviors are a normal part of growing up, and what behaviors may be signs someone is hiding a mental illness. There are many...
Nicola P. Young9 months ago
Signs of a Psychotic Break That Everyone Should Know
Three out of every 100 people will experience psychosis at some time in their lives. The onset of this psychosis is known as a psychotic break. Many people erroneously believe that this is, as the wor...
S H9 months ago
What I Wish I'd Known About Diagnosis
Like so many things in life, there’s no handbook for how to receive a mental health diagnosis. Some may be fortunate and have mental health providers who are excellent guides. Others may find themselv...
Benny Njuguna9 months ago
Common and Strange Phobias
Every person grows up with an inherent fear of something. An individual develops a fear of an object or something that embeds itself in his/her being. The fear might result from a sad event the person...
Louise Ralph9 months ago
Traveling with Anxiety
For years, I have wanted to travel, explore the world and experience new cultures and different ways of living that are so different from my own. However, when I was diagnosed with numerous mental hea...
Alicia Brunskill10 months ago
Books That Have Helped Me During Depression
Most of the books that have struck a chord with me during bouts of deep depression have done so because the ruling emotion (or sensation) I was feeling from the disorder was present in that book. I co...
Nancy Da year ago
10 Items Every Person With ADHD/ADD Should Have
I started writing this just hoping to to say how much I love my new wallet and key finding devices, but over time it turned into something much bigger than that ... it turns out that I have a lot of t...
Claire Raymonda year ago
Pogonophobia: The Fear of Beards
There is absolutely denying it, beards are back, and it really doesn't look like they are going away, in fact, wherever you look, you are surrounded by beards. From the hipster in the independent coff...
Hannah Easop2 years ago
11 Realities of Addiction Recovery I Wish Outsiders Understood
Everything you are about to read is based upon my personal experiences and opinions. I am not claiming that I am an expert or that these are universal truths.
Five of the Most Misunderstood Mental Illnesses
These are five of the most misunderstood mental illnesses. Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and have listed all of my sources below each entry. This is not intended to diagnose any disorder...
Rachel A. David2 years ago
Best Mental Illness Memoirs
If you are lucky enough to have never experienced mental illness firsthand, rest assured you know people who have, probably many of them. Despite the leaps and bounds the scientific community has made...
Rowan Marley2 years ago
Common Myths About Depression
Depression is currently one of the most widespread mental illnesses in the world, and 6.7 percent of the American population will suffer from depression any given year. One would think that people wou...