panic attacks

Sudden periods of intense fear. But remember, you're not alone.

Zev Randone8 days ago
I Spent My 20th Birthday in a Hospital Bed
I spent my 20th birthday in a hospital bed. Why? I had just completed my first few days of Coast Guard boot camp. It was tough. As you can probably imagine it was made up of a lot of screaming, workin...
Tonya Narzinsky2 months ago
Tips for Anxiety/Panic Attacks
There are many forms of anxiety. I never noticed my anxiety until I was probably in high school. It got worse in my college years. Everyone experiences it differently. But if you are like me, you have...
Who Needs a Therapist When (Pt. 12)
It's not Dysmorphia, so what is it?
Rose Walker6 months ago
The Storm Never Lasts Forever
These four words held so much strength during one of my most intense panic attacks, even in my frazzled mind at the time. Because it is 100 percent true. The storm will never last forever. Your panic ...
Who Needs a Therapist When (Pt. 4)
Maybe some of the issue isn't me.
RiAnn Boen7 months ago
The Monster Within
Do you remember when you were a kid and you had to walk through a dark room? The way your heart would race, your eyes would play tricks on you, warping the shadows into wicked monsters, and you'd star...
Cindy Brunswig7 months ago
Taking the Next Step into Life
The next step of my life is something I have been questioning myself. Whenever this question is asked I have a mental breakdown. At church one day we went in a circle and said what we were going to do...
Mz.B. WORLD7 months ago
Dealing with Panic Attacks
Dealing with panic attacks is very hard. I deal with panic attacks more then I would like sometimes it makes me afraid to leave my own home in fear another will come out of the blue. Panic attacks are...
Emilia Boone7 months ago
Find What Makes You Human
In the film, Silver Linings Playbook, Jennifer Lawrence’s character Tiffany describes herself as “not a very good dancer” but that “it’s therapy and it’s fun.” The first time I saw the film, this line...
uncia desu8 months ago
3 AM Thoughts: Shame
I hate the numerous moments when I feel at lost, the moments where I crawl in a ball, unable to control my sobbing and unable to control my breathing. For anyone who has lived or has witnessed such a ...
G I8 months ago
14 Years
14 years ago I was overcoming an illness so bad that I was kept out of college for a near month. I was studying theatre and despite not feeling 100 percent I had to go and see Shakespeare’s Richard II...
Rowan Marley9 months ago
How to Help Someone Who Is Having a Panic Attack
Anyone who has ever met me can tell you that I have extreme anxiety dealing with work. It's so bad, I've been known to take walking breaks so that I can keep myself together—and at times, that doesn't...
The Start of the Fall
You know that moment when you reach the top of a roller coaster? The one when the train stops and lets you question all your life choices? It is a split second before 90 seconds of chaos. For some it ...
Shelby Salerno10 months ago
The Inner Workings of a Panic Attack
You’re okay. You know that. You know that “the world is not ending,” and you know that you have a long list of loving family, friends, and a partner to support you whenever you need them. You know. Yo...
Ava McCoy10 months ago
Life with Agoraphobia and Panic Disorder
I am a diagnosed Agoraphobic. Yep, I'm going to share my experience, or some of it I guess. But while secure behind my keyboard tucked away in my "safe zone". I'm sure some will picture me as a perpet...
Fathima Rafeek10 months ago
Inside Her Head
Besides the faint glow of a street lamp, her room was smothered in darkness, and anybody looking in would easily miss the small heap of flesh on the floor. She lay crumpled up on the cold, hard ground...
James Brownbacka year ago
The Panic Room
If I were to be asked the question, "What does a common panic attack feel like from your perspective?" I would say, "It is kind of like being left outside, overnight, during a winter's storm. When you...