personality disorder

Personality disorders are as complex as they are misunderstood; delve into this diagnosis and learn the typical cognitions, behaviors, and inner experience of those inflicted.

Lexus Tackett2 years ago
Basic Psychology 1
We all have heard the term psychopath or sociopath at least once in our lives; whether it's in movies, books, or even being called one, these terms aren't unusual. They are both big factors in any psy...
Kelsey Park2 years ago
I'm Not Crazy, I'm Borderline
I have borderline personality disorder, and according to my shrink, it's a pretty extreme case of it. I know, I know, I'm basically fucked, right? Who is going to want to hire, marry, or otherwise soc...
Little Shaman2 years ago
How Narcissists Are Created
Narcissists are among the most despised people on the planet. While other dysfunctional personalities evoke sympathy in people, pathological narcissists do not. People often feel pity for the narcissistic personality at first — especially if the narcissist presents themselves as a helpless victim, as many narcissists will — but this is usually very short-lived because narcissists are so terribly controlling, abusive and hateful. It is impossible to feel pity or sympathy for a person who works so...
madison hebb2 years ago
Borderline Personality Disorder
I wake up. My heart feels full with optimism towards the day ahead. My happiness creeps, continuing upwards like the track of a roller-coaster before the big drop. I feel my adrenaline and serotonin r...
Jesse Guerrero2 years ago
Information on Schizophrenia and Paranoia
Schizophrenia is a debilitating illness that affects millions of people worldwide. About one in 100 are diagnosed with it. There are two times as many people with Schizophrenia as Alzheimer’s and six ...
Azzyness E2 years ago
What Is Borderline Personality Disorder?
Originally I was going to write a descriptive article, filled with psychiatrist jargon and lists. Lists of symptoms which without ticking certain boxes, you'll never get as far as a diagnosis. My name...